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19 hour rape


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Same here with me. I have never been in that situation, so I can not say that I would be for or against the death sentence. But I do know that I could not kill the person who did that the torturing at this particular time and place in my safe reality that I live in. Then again, I could not put down a dog who went berserk and malled a baby either. But then I am stuck with the possibility that the torturer could do it again if not given the help that is needed to make it better. That may take more love and compassion than I am able to give.


Rationalize the torture of anyone is when you can see thru their eyes. I can think that I can understand because I have had thoughts of doing things that are close to torture, but I have never acted on those thoughts. And it would be so much easier to do it to a complete stranger. My thoughts are usually not about a stranger though, it is about family usually ! Humor in this dark subject.


I think you would be scared knowing how many people out there are like this. They haven't done anything yet, but are not getting the help they need to conquer the thoughts. In fact, society just puts more and more stuff in their heads, and one day something will click and they will no longer be able to NOT act on their thoughts. And that action will now be an experience and harder to help the person back to a place of sanity.


My truth is that violence doesn't get rid of violence. I do not believe it on a macro scale with the war on Terriorism, and I don't believe it on the micro scale of crime in our neighborhoods.

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I find it interesting that there was nothing said about what happened prior to him asking her a question then assaulting her. I can almost imagine if she were to engage him in conversation in the elevator she could discern the motivation of Mr. Willams or at least diffuse the situation by building a short interaction. In essence she was inconsistent with her regard towards this man within her situation of being a lone female. I do not know what kind of apartment building she lives in or what area though so I can't say for sure of her level of relative safety. That guy is a beast of a man and represents a part of humanity that is shielded from our sight and ignorantly shadowed by our egos. That guy had an agenda when telling her “he wanted to see her face, her fear and humiliation.” This cuts deep to the core of humanity and hopefully to her humanity and she can find a productive way to take her experience.

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