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Happy Birthday Lena01!!!!!!!!!!

Lean and Green

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I realized i'm online the day of the upgrade somehow when I read your blog about the gift you recieved, veganism for idiots or something and i remember you telling us your bday fell on this day, the upgrade. How cool, I can post a happy bday for you the day the forum is supposedly closed for maintenance.


I get to be the first one to use all the craz emoticons for you, yeahhhh!




And you're starting the feast today, on this special day? How hardcore! Liquid cake?


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Awwww I hadn't seen this!!!


It's so sweet!!! You guys are very thoughtful!! Thanks a lot!!!!


I'm having an awesome day with you saying happy b-day and my friends from home called as I was writing this.


It's just a beautiful day!!!!


Thank you for being part of my happiness!!

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