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Back Attack Contest!


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Hey everyone,


I'm finally back in front of a computer at home! It's time to open up the BACK contest from June 16-June 23. We'll open up the voting on June 24, so there is plenty of time to enter.


Like usual, here are the rules:


-You have a full week to submit photos and then we'll separate the men and women and open up polls for a week of voting. The winners get featured on our main website and get free t-shirts.


-The photos must have been taken within the past 4 weeks (basically within 30 days), so only current photos please.


-You don't have to show full body, but please allow us to verify that the photo is you, just as in all the contests.


-No editing of the photos is allowed, aside from cropping, but no photoshop or enhancements.


-It doesn't matter if you are cold or pumped up, but the pumped up photos will get the best results, get the most votes, and best represent Vegan Bodybuilding to the general public when they visit the front of our website.


-You must submit a photo or two or three within a week, so by next Monday, June 23rd.


Thanks and have fun!

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After my batteries charge up and I work out my back. Back and bicep day is tomorrow so maybe I'll do it then. Hey question: I have a hard time getting my back pumped. How would one do that? I only have 2 fifteen pound freeweights to work with and a bosu ball lol


Needless to say, I need some more exercise equipment. Can't afford a gym membership right now.

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what poses are the best and what poses are accepted? is it okay to do like front lat spread and front double biceps? they don't really show the back that much but i think they are pretty good for getting a correct impression o someones back.

anyways i will force my friend to bring his camera someday since mine is fucked

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Rows and pull-ups will get it pumped! Use your dumbbells and do rows. Bend at the waist and row the dumbbells back as if you are lifting something off the ground and pulling it up to your chest.


Also, just flexing your back over and over will help get it pumped. I do that to pump up lots of muscle groups. Just start contracting your muscles and hold it and do it over and over and they'll get pumped up


Best of luck and have fun!

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I guess I'll be the 1st entry for the ladies, please excuse the pale. I didn't pump before hand because I was a little too excited in the gym yesterday and I am wayyy too sore!






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Ok here we go. Pardon the bra strap marks


Lat shot:




Upper back shot:






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Good work everyone! I took some back photos, and I actually think I don't suck so bad in this area, although I'm not ripped at all.







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I love the pics so far. Especially the beautiful backs of the ladies!


My lat spread pose sucks noodles so I included a rear double biceps pic too.





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took some photos today, crappy cellphone camera but hopefully i'll be able to take some with a real camera this week.





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