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My purprose isn't posting pics of my tummy, but these are the only photos I have atm. I'll try to get better shots for the updates.


After two weeks of tummy building, the day I started exercising:



After two weeks of exercising:



Six weeks: 15 lbs gained, no pic yet

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Looking forward to the updates and enjoyed these. ou have a nice frame to work with; what's your height, i'd wager it is similar to mine 6feet???


Time to grow some quality lbm my friend and you're already well on your way!


Thanks. I'll try to get this thing going. I'm 5'11" and the starting weight was 143 lbs.

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Heh. Perfect timing BodhiDave!

I'm back! I got my old pics back online and even found some "unreleased" pictures.


I don't have a scale or a camera now, but I'm probably somewhere between the first two picture sets atm. (147 pounds?)














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WTF?! This happened in just a month's time? In-fuckin'-credible! If it's so easy for you to lose fat, I reckon it'd be wise to just bulk the fuck up to a decent weight, shed the blubbler and repeat as many times as desired. What are your goals? Man, if only it was as easy for me to lose the lard...

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