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I live in Holland (The Netherlands)

I'm mac (f) with some xra kilos. So that's my name.

In the past I was a cyclist (track and road). Now I take my bike only for my shopping. I'm veg. since I can remember (9-10 year old). Now a real veg. I'm still eating eggs and fish.


From today I want to be a real vegan. Only how can I do that?


I don't wanna hurt animals by my eating. My workingtime's are every day different (36 hours a week). sometime I work in the early morning, sometime in the night. I'm working with autistic people and they need 24 hours care. And I'm still learning (my 2nd university study) for 30-36 hours a week)


next point:

I wanna loose weight. I'm with my 1.77 meter, 93 kilo. When I was cycling (international) and had a fat% of 12, I weight 72 kilo. So I'm (still) a musculair woman. I can't run on core because I've got problems with my knees.


Help. Can somebody help me? I want my slimmer body back. I'm desperate.




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Hi Mac,


Welcome to the forum


You mention having bad knees..


My gf has bad knees & she swims to lose weight, also she has a trampoline which is a bit easier on the knees than running.


We eat alot of beans, nuts, fruit, vegetables & salads, lentils & rice, potatos & porridge/oat cereal bars, just a brief example of how you eat as a Vegan.


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Often it helps a lot if you describe your diet here. Someone will tell you what you can do better, what to eat more and what less.


The people in this forum will get you in shape in no time, remember to take pics now so that you will have cool before/after photo set after a while.

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I am just leaving work so cant reply now properly, so I think if you go to the diet section of the forum & put a post in there, you will get a reply from me tomorrow & im sure lots of other people too (they are a helpful bunch )


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Welcome Mac, I absolutely love your name


I know it may seem trying to think about a diet that is different from your current but once you get into it, you'll look back several months later and smirk at how easy it was and how used to it you've become.


You mentioned work schedule, I guess you mean what do you do on the go. Well there is always something you'll be able to consume whenever you're on the go. Most places offer at the very least a salad. Fruits and nuts are portable and are ready to consume as is when purchased so that is easy and who doesn't like fruits and nuts?


You can buy good cereals like ezekiel or optimum or whatever you have available there. If you have a fridge where you work, you can store stuff as well.


Don't worry, muscles have memory, take it from me. Everything you have ever done in your life, carries over once you resume to train it again. I speak from experience. I was dormant for almost 2 years and i recently became active in january again and everything just decided to pack itself on and i was amazed. Point is, you'll get it back way quicker than all the years it took to get it in the first place.


The one major weak point in the majority of people's diets, imo, is GREENS GREENS GREENS! Most people, even if they consume fresh fruits, seem to not take in nearly enough, if any at all. Make sure to consume as much as possible that feels comfortable to you. I personally cannot consume enough and am always looking to add as much in as I can withstand in a day.


Well, if I see a post of your diet, i'll be sure to comment to the best of my abilities.


Welcome to VBBF!!!!

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Hi and welcome!


If you don't have any idea what to eat on a vegan diet, check the posts in the recipes section of this forum, also the food journals of members.

Chose what you like in grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies. The 3 last categories are very useful for snacks to carry easily where you go for the day.

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