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New to the forum and I need to get my ass in shape.


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I've been vegan a little over 3 years, but haven't been very active physically. I was in really good shape a couple years ago when I was playing varsity basketball, but as soon as I graduated it all went down hill haha.


I'll be attending the Academy of Art University this fall to pursue a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design (you can see my gallery here: http://xt3rr0rx.deviantart.com/gallery). I just recently found out that my School is now going to have a baseball team starting in the 2008-2009 season and I was extremely excited to see that. I thought that going to an art school was going to leave me empty handed in the athletics field so that's why I have not been worrying about my physical shape. I got in contact with the head coach and he's interesting in me and says they are looking for pitchers so that's right up my alley.


I'm no stranger to baseball. I played it for probably 13 of my 20 years of life on this planet and I love the sport still. I'm always watching Oakland games (huge A's fan), so baseball has been a part of my life since I was about 2.


Since I've been out of the game for the last 5 years, it's safe to say I'm a little (probably a lot) below par as far as strength goes. I used to be one of the top pitchers in my area, so talent and natural ability has never been my problem, just physical power. I'm 6'4" about 160 pounds, so I've got leverage on my side, but not the pounds.


I thought I'd come on here to see if I can find some other athletes that have/are in my shoes. I have been training on my track bike (my other obsession), so I'm getting my stamina and endurance back.


Does anyone have any suggestions as far as a diet for building strength? I eat very healthy, but I know I will need to change things up now that I'm concerned with strength training.


Anyother vegan baseball players out there?


I was also bummed when I found out my glove and cleats got sold because now I have to get new ones and now avoiding leather is going to be my main concern. I've found carpentertrade.com that makes amazing vegan baseball gloves, but cleats are going to be tougher. I'm probably going to settle for some second hand ones even if they are leather. At least I'll be recycling that way and I know how important that is.

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Welcome my friend. Nice athletic background, very impressive! A diet for building strength? Well, if you consume excess calories and train with a lower range of reps, like 6reps or less, that would make sense to me.


I wouldn't just start blasting out heavy weights and low reps, i'd start off with high repetitions and a very light workload to prime your muscles first to prepare, for at least 1- 1/2 months, minimum. Then consider pushing it, if it feels right after establishing a good base. I waited about 4 1/2 months before I changed my routine to a lower rep range, personally.


Dietary, well whatever you could get some good quality high calories in from, some healthy grains seeds and nuts? I love bananas on the fruit side, they are pretty calorie dense. Avocados. Also, greens greens and more greens. You will be surprised how much micronutrient dense green leafys will catapult you to a new level of fitness..


anyway, welcome to the forum

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Thanks a lot guys.


Since I'm training for pitching I'm probably going to be doing a lot of reps with lower weight to build up the smaller muscle groups. Mostly the work outs for pitching are preventive exercises since pitching puts so much stress on the arm. I've gotta get all my decelerator muscles in shape. I have a pretty good routine for that using medical tubing, light weights and baseballs, but I don't really know where to start when it comes to strengthening my legs (besides all the cycling I do). You'd be suprised how much your legs contribute to pitching. I'm so glad I have height on my side to make up for mass haha.

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