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Fave bodypart to train, and why!

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It's a tie between legs, back and shoulders. All three are my favorites to train - few things feel better than a good heavy squat, row, deadlift or overhead press. Don't like training chest or arms, since I don't care all that much about looking good, but would prefer to work things that will make everyday situations of moving heavy, awkward crap easier



haha was thinking the same. Legs are brutal and i can beat up for hours, same goes for shoulders but i don't get that pump from shoulders or next day soreness as much and i am more into deadlift triggered back muscles like spinal erector as I loooooove to heave the weight off the floor. Not my lats


LEAST FAV??? CALVES, misery misery misery......

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this is a hard question. I love a good chest workout but the feeling when your whole back is pumping full of blood is pretty unbeatable, if you exclude legs that is cause that's even more brutal. But I love my chins/dips day where i do only bodyweight and superset the two excersises. Shoulders is also awesome since i started doing military presses standing up (i feel like a O lifter which is totally awesome) and arnold presses. I can't decide for sure and it probably changes from time to time but at the moment it's probably legs with light weights and high reps.

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