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I went WATERSKIING for the first time ever (video+photos)!

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Day 29 of my liquid diet and only 3 1/2 hrs of sleep in me and worked a 14hr shift night before. Rest??? NAHHHHHHHHHH; there water to ski and sun to bathe in!


Loved it. Anyone else ever try it or currently do it? This was my first time and was travelling but what they would call butt skiing or my legs would kick out. I told my friend Honora I was having problems keeping my legs straight and she was like it's all about balance and muscles strength. Then she calls me out and says wait a minute, with those legs you can't balance yourself and then says 'How much do you deadlift again?' (we train at the same gym). WELL ths fueled me and i got in the start position and yelled HIT IT (what you say when you're ready), grunted loudly, got aggressive, stood steady and did it right then and there and never looked back. Was standing up for at least 5 minutes at a time several times, one handing it and all. What a fun sport. I will probably be going out a few times this summer with her and they are going to get me on a wakeboard as well which is like snowboarding as well as kneeboarding. I love action/extreme sports.... Yea summatime









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Yeah, you look great!


Good job on the staying up. I went for the first time last summer and fell down several times, then when I finally got going I was only up for a little bit, fell again and "the boys" took a bad slap on the water and I was done.

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