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Girls and pull ups

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on topic: i've never seen a girl do a pull up


off topic: I acctually really like "defenitions" of being fit and/or strong. In one of the bodybuilding magazines I have the guy who holds the swedish records in dips and pull ups says that a guy who is fit should be able to do

20 reps of chins

30 reps of dips

Run 3 km in 12 minutes


a girl should be able to do

10 reps of chins

15 reps of dips

Run 3 km in 14 minutes..


i think it sounds reasonable. i'm not saying that you can't be considered fit if you can't do this but it's something to strive for.

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Johan, I agree it sounds pretty reasonable to me. I can do the 3k run, and the dips are no problem, but I do need to work on my chinups, and pullups. Bodyweight stuff has always eluded me, maybe it's time to change that. Actually I need to revise my statement, lol. After I typed that I could do dips I realised that I don't do the same kind of dips that I'm pretty sure they're talking about. I can do dips with my feet on the ground holding onto the end of a bench, or nstep, but I'm not very good at the 100% bodyweight dips. But you gotta start somewhere!

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Thought I'd quickly throw in my stats, too, since I've seriously been trying to train for pullups/chinups. Currently, I can do three unassisted chins (if not fatigued), but no pullups yet. My goal: 10 chins (then 10 pullups, if possible.) That, and 50 pushups...! (Oh, and I *am* female...!) (Interestingly enough, since I started doing them, my office jackets have been getting dangerously tight, right around the increased lat span...) ))

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