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here goes! My fitness log...

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The cardio machine is also called the AMT for short. The Y I go to, got in 3 last November I think, and it is by far the most popular cardio machine on the floor. People will wait like an hour for the thing, it's crazy, just go outside and run in that time, lol! I tried it once but I think it would take me few more times to be comfotable with the motions of it.


you know, it is odd because when I run outside my chest tightens up (asthma) but on that machine I am basically running but my breathing is fine! I don't know if it has to do with the air quality outside or what.... I just love the feeling of weightlessness on the AMT.... I feel like I am running in space .

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I just wanted to update anyone who is following my little blog:


On Thursday my dad fell at his house and we had to go help him up, which took 3 hours of my husband and I trying to lift a 250lb man off of his bathroom floor. He has fallen a few more times since we got him up and we had to call an ambulance twice... finally they have admitted him to the hospital, so things have just been really crazy for the last few days... I have not been able to work out or really track my diet. Hopefully all of this hoopla will be over soon.... and life will get back to normal.

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