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Pulled 405x5 yesterday, paused for two breaths at the bottom. Judging from this, I should be able to pull 500x1 at the very least, based on my personal rep max calculations (my 5RM is about 75-80% of my 1RM, and my 3RM is about 85-90% of my 1RM for my big lifts). Problem is, I did a set of touch and go deads at 365 right after this, and pulled something in my back on rep 6. I hope it doesn't set me back for too long, because I really want that 500lb dead. I will be patient, though. Moving forward, I will no longer do touch and go deads, because I seem to get too excited sometimes and jerk the weight off the floor too quickly. Also, it is high time I start wearing a belt. I am getting into some pretty heavy iron at this point, and I don't believe the human body is really equipped to handle this kind of weight. I think not wearing belts is great for general fitness and athletes who aren't pulling/squatting big weights, but once you get decently far into powerlifting/powerbuilding/Oly, belts become quite an asset. It is unfortunate that I had to injure myself to finally wake up to this, even though I already believed it to be true. At least I believe it is a minor pull, because I can still move around without much issue, just using some ibuprofen.

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