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Our family dog made "Dog of the Day"!!!!!

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How cool is that


Dog Of the Day





Name: Cosmo

Age: Eleven months old (he's actually 2 1/2 but was 11 months in the pics)

Gender: Male

Breed: Shih Tzu

Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA


My name is Francine, I'm Cosmo's mom. We live in Brooklyn NY, so yes, he's a city boy. I am sharing the photos of my boy because he brings a smile to everyones face he meets! Cosmo is a vivacious bundle of joy with a playful, outgoing, super friendly personality. I hope that these pictures have captured just half of his amazing full of life personality for you to see!!


I am constantly just following him around with a camera, it's at the point where he expects it, stops and poses sometimes just to make me happy. He gives nothing but love to everyone he meets, there is not a bad bone in his little furry body! Just three pounds when we got him at two months old, he is currently eleven months old and fifteen pounds. He was four months old in the picture with the stuffed animals, you can see his marking have gotten lighter as he grew. He makes friends wherever he goes, even in this big city. I hope you enjoy my Cosmo!

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I think people dress up there pets in some sort of Sub-Conscious way to show to show that they respect Animal Rights. Animals dressed as people show that Animals are no different from us. And they deserve to have any and all rights( Aside from rights like voting which I don't think an animal is capable of but if they ever prove that Animals can vote that would be Awesome ).


And if that theory of mine is true it would also prove that everyone is capable of being Vegan and loving Animals. But most haven't Consciously realized this yet.


Personally I don't see anything wrong with dressing up Animals. As long as it doesn't hurt, degrade or humiliate them I don't mind. I'd never do it simply because it seems like too much work to dress the Animal in the first place.

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