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New Log. xskotx's training and diet!

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Going to be posting here everyday fro two months at least, then I'll begin working on a ship, and I'll probably will only be able to lurk once a week, and train through calysthenics. More than happy to hear your suggestions about a no weights strength training, obviously!


As for today, I just came back into the gym, and there were about 35 degrees, so I merely had some cardio to get my body to understand it was back to training.



45 minutes cyclette - 13 km, 300+ calories.


Oh, and I'm 19 now - growing old by the minute.

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Okay, here we go for a first weight lifting day. In case anyone forgot, I have been spending a 100% non-active and anti-fitness life up to February, that's the reason of the bad stats And, having missed a good month of training, I took about 10-15 kg less than what I did before stopping.


Current goals (short term) : 14% body fat

Current goal (long term) : 12% bf, 80 kg total weight

Current bf: 20% (lowest was at 16%; I began at 24-25%)

Current weight: Around 77 kg



As for today:


12 minutes HIIT on the treadmill, difficulty 8/12




Deadlifts 5x5, 40 kg (used to be 55)

Bent Over Rows 4x8, 14 kg (used to be 26)

Lat Pulldowns 4x8, 35 kg (50)

Seated Row 4x8, 30 kg (45)


Hopefully getting back to the old weights in a week or two, today actually didnt feel difficult. Except for the cardio. With such a heat it's like trying to breathe fire after a minute or two...



As for the diet, have to go and buy a supply of tofu tomorrow. By then I'll be counting calories and carbs/prot/fats again. Today I just had to manage with what I had around, mostly bean soup and nuts, and vegan biscuits as a treat for a first day of training

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Cardio day!

45 mins of cyclette - 17 km, 350 cal.

About 1 hour of walk, steep and on flat terrain both, with around 10 kgs on my shoulders.


Gave myself a treat for a good day's work- and because the temperature in my gym was almost 36 degrees, which is way beyond anything I have tried. Had a vegan gyros for my evening meal Went back to 5 meals/day, and bouth all the necessary ingredients for a more basic, all around healthier diet -mostly tofu, tempeh, seitan and rice milk with calcium. Had to walk an hour with my gyms stuff and two week's worth of food for an hour to get them... I'm actually content of myself today. My bf calculator already is around 18,5%, but it could be a simple mistake for having drank loads of water today (more tan 2 liters, 1 and a half in gym alone). I will still try to cut to 16 at least without counting calories and macronutrients overall. My habit is now:


Breakfast : Rice milk (1/2 chocolate flavored, 1/2 calcium added), oatmeal.


Lunch: Usually legumines soup, otherwise beans/other protein rich veggies with a bit of whole wheat rice or bread. Salad as well.


Intermezzo: Mix of nuts.


Lunch 2: basically, what I didnt put in 1, plus a fruit/veggies.


Supper: Soya/tofu/tempeh with a bit of veggies or rice, depending on how much carbs I had.


And, L&G got me curious about the whole juice fasting. Sadly, my parents would take me to a hospital by the third hour, and when I'lll begin my job (on a civilian ship) I'll be glad if they have some vegan stuff available.

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A relax day - legs hurt a bit after yesterday, so I just had a stretching and swimming day. I swim terribly, got to get it better before I begin work. Tomorrow will be pecs day, saturday gym might already be closed, so I have to switch to another one.

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Now I'm experimentating a bit with calysthenics - namely, the "Naked Warrior" routine by Tsatsouline. I definitely liked his suggestions to get more of your strength, but I'm still confused a bit with the english, so I dont really know if I' m doing fine. Should have done about 30 push ups (inclined 45 degrees, groups of five) and 20 one legged stand ups from a very low platform. Tomorrow it's back to gym anyway.

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