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June Competition


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Here are photos from my last comp.... I knew going in that I was not near as strong a competitor as I wanted and def not on my "A" game. In fact, I decided to go to the Saturday competition on the Friday before and just threw on some tan and went.


I did not diet down or dehydrate and in fact due to life circumstances had been working out only 2-3 times per week and off my competition diet. That all being said... I KNEW I HAD to go for the sake of my sanity and my soul. I took the stage like I owned it, as I always do. I am so glad to have competed again, being on the stage was much needed therapy that I desperately needed during the past several months as I have probably had some of the most "tests" I have ever had in this lifetime. The comp gave me the strength and confidence to face daily life again.


I did much better then I thought I would and floored the judges and other competitor, many of whom diet out 12-16 weeks out. The main thing is the day of being in the "zone", loving the stage and the environment and getting "back in the game". Finishing healthy and feeling good about the event.


I have 2 new sponsors, one shown below. I'll announce the other shortly ... as I have finally stopped holding off on a protein supp company offer.... was holding out for something I could totally stand behind as all my sponsors, and I have found "the one". I need to thank all my sponsors for standing behind me and believing in me.... it means the world!


I am taking some time off of competing to build size and will be back at it in Sept or Oct ... I'll decide as I close in. My next comp I should come in bigger, stronger and more cut then I have ever done so. After all in reality, my only competition is myself.


Sponsor shot.... Dr. Z's Rod Shop:



Backstage Mirror, self pic pre-comp:



My Trainer & Tanning Assistant sleeping on the job under the dressing table, lol



walking out:



On stage .... must have been pre-smile, lol:



bad lighting for camera, but anyway....:











awards ... swords .... very cool






So happy to be back on stage .... much needed therapy!



dressing room after comp:



playing around ... sword fight anyone?? lol


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Being a total video game geek that has played Zelda, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire and all that stuff.. I really want a sword hahaha!


Anyone breaks into my house and sees that I tell ya.. Don't fuck with people with swords, yo.

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