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My computer is apparently Jesus


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So Yesterday I left my computer on when I went to work. Sometime during the day a wire got knocked loose and a fan went out. It was very hot yesterday and we haven't been using the AC because our kitchen is being remodeled and it's just not efficient because of the work being done.


Basically I'm pretty sure I damn near fried my mobo, cpu AND video card.


But today it's working fine. *knock on wood*


So in conclusion, my computer is Jesus.


And I'm downloading Ubuntu.

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Well I still need to keep XP on my computer for when I get my recording stuff set up. Linux does have some open source recording software (Audacity is one) but I'm getting an mbox pro so I can learn how to be a crazy pro tools wanker and I need to have Windows to run Pro Tools (at least I'm almost 100 percent positive i do)


Or I could somehow find 3 thousand dollars lying around and buy a mac. But that's not going to happen.

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