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Stray dogs find Robert


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Yesterday Robert was walking in our neighborhood when a couple of dogs began following him! They appeared to have been out or lost for a while, a bit scroungy and rough looking but friendly. Despite his busy schedule, Robert spent hours yesterday trying to help these dogs! Apparently he hasn't yet found their home because I woke up this morning to find Robert asleep outside with the dogs! Awww





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Awwwww! That's so sweet!


Last year around Labour Day weekend a little stray cat found her way on my boyfriend's doorstep. She was starving and he gave her some food. Eventually, she let us pet her and we took her in and took her to the vet. Now, she's our happy little plump kitty we call Mini. <3

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Yeah but on the way to the animals shelter the black dog has the nastiest gas. It was so discussing that I had to stick my head out the window

But it was nice to know that there was a chip in the black dog.

So they may of found the owner.

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Hey Jessi,


Thanks for posting. It was nice to wake up to. I was out on the street making a phone call when the dogs found me. They didn't have any collars or tags on them and didn't seem to know where they were. I followed them for almost an hour and helped keep them away from moving cars in the street. One looked like he had some scars on his head, maybe even some dried blood, and the other was shedding, which is normal and his paw pads were worn and skin was exposed. They were super friendly and didn't look like that had been treated poorly by people but had been out walking for a while, maybe hours or days. The three of us hung out trying to find their home.


I asked all around and spoke with neighbors and couldn't find anyone who recognized them at all. I phoned my brother in law who make multiple phone calls to animal shelters, humane society and even police non-emergency line. Nobody would help.


I met a woman about 3 blocks away who said they could stay in her yard for the night since she had high fences. She had to work at 7:30AM so I told her I'd come pick them up before 7:30AM, which I did. I got them this morning and walked up and down streets and asked neighbors and still no luck. So I took them home and we all took a nap outside.


Then I went out again when it was later when people were awake and I knocked on doors, talked with neighbors, met a really cool dude a few blocks away, and still no luck. We can't keep dogs at our house so I took them to the animal shelter and they were scanned and a chip was found! So I imagine they are now back with their human companions who put the tracking chip on them.


We became instant friends and it sounds silly, but I had to fight back tears when I turned them in. We had fun over the course of a few hours yesterday and today. Jessi caught us awake too. I miss my buddies:







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Offense, I love that comment!




I have similar photos with a kitty, but it was a neighbor's kitty Tasha and I saw, so she wasn't lost.....


She is soooo cute!





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