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What have you eaten today?

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I have seen communal food logs on a number of message boards, vegan and otherwise. I think they are a good idea because they can give other people ideas for meals (e.g., if something someone ate sounds really tasty we can ask for a recipe or try it ourselves) and it can give people, especially those who are not yet vegan, an idea of the variety of vegan foods that are out there.


You can post your food whenever you want; no need to feel you have to do it daily.

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My food for today--I haven't had dinner yet, but I am cooking it now.


B: wholegrain cereal with light soy milk, cup of green tea

L: v. small amount of a seitan/broccoli stew, tofurkey italian sausage w/ one slice of wheat bread

D: tofu vindaloo with brown jasmine rice


This is a light day for me. I got a rather upset stomach this afternoon, so I didn't have a snack then as I usually would.

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Ohhhh, I finally tried that Tofurky sausage in the past couple of weeks & it's really good! I was quite surprised!


For breakfast I had a small bowl of lentil soup & a Boca chik patty.


For lunch I had a bean burrito with salsa, lettuce, tomato & guac. I could eat guac all day, every day!


No plans for dinner yet.

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Oh, and today I've had fusilli w/ olive oil and salt (I didn't have anything to make a real sauce with ) and some mandarin orange slices, and now I'm having pinto beans in chipotle sauce. Very boring food day today, no time to cook anything interesting at all!

I'm gearing up for my big Thanksgiving cooking spree though, I"m pretty psyched

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This is pretty old, but I really enjoyed my dinner tonight and wanted to share--this seemed like a good thread in which to do that.


All my food today:


B: oatmeal, banana, cuppa tea

S: baby carrots with hummus

L: sweet potato, kidney bean, & peanut stew over quinoa

S: soy yogurt with wheat germ, cuppa tea

S: a few pita chips and a few peanuts

D: jerk seitan over quinoa, broccoli


The jerk seitan is delish! The recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance. The peanut stew is also yummy; that one is from Vegan Planet. I am all about the quinoa lately. I can make a pot of it and just put my dishes over it.


I considered making scones (recipe from VwaV) but I'm thinking I have eaten enough now!

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I haven't been eating well lately.


B -coffee w-lite soy

S -banana, green tea

L -1/3 bag baby carrots, green tea

S -6 strawberries

D -cup of black bean chili with a side of organic tortilla chips and organic salsa

S -organic red wine, no sulfites added (yeah I know real healthy)

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come on peeps this is a good thread everyone should be posting!


today i ateeee:

breakfast- 1 slice sprouted bread, strawberry cultured soy

lunch- broccoli with baba ghannouge

dinner- huge romaine salad with chile dressing and chickpeas and a few tablespoons of the smoothie i made for my brother (i made it with soy yogurt and he had no idea, he loved it, and is usually really closed off to trying new things)


tommorrow i want to try my hemp protein powder, i'm just a bit weary

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B: soy yogurt, toast with peanut butter and pumpkin butter (yum!)

L: "14 vegetable" soup (mixed veggies and beans), salty snack mix, 3 chocolate covered cherries

D: black-eyed peas and rice, baked beans with rice and potatoes




B: toast and hummus with green olives

L: vegetable gumbo, rice, bread, fried okra, 2 chocolate covered cherries

D: spaghetti with tomato sauce, seitan and spinach


friday (today)


B: peanut butter and pumpkin butter sandwich

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B: peanut butter and pumpkin butter sandwich




what is pumpkin butter? Is it made from the seeds of the pumpkin, simillar looking to tahini? Or is it made with the fruit and simillar to apple butter?


Sounds good either way!

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ok, yesterday i ate:


1 mug of apple/carrot/cabbage/ginger/cucumber juice before running

Big bowl of oatmeal made with sweetend soya milk with ground flaxseed and agave syrup added


Sandwich: Vegedeli beef style slices in wholemeal bread with baby leave spinach, handfull of brazils


Bar of chocolate (with crispy bits in - mmmm)


Half a melon


More brazils




Another sandwich: Vegedeli beef style slices in wholemeal bread with baby leave spinach, salad with sweet chilli sauce


Big bowl of multigrain kasha cereal with sweetened soya milk, pea and rice protein, agave syrup


Ok, who can tell i had actually managed to do some shopping and buy healthy food? By the end of the week it would look more like cereal/cereal/cereal/baked beans on toast/cereal

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7am two pieces of brown toast with peanut butter and conserve. bowl of cereals with soy milk


10am: 20 cashew nuts, 20 almonds, 1 banana, 1 apple


Lunch: bean casserole in tomato sauce with a baked potato, broccoli on the side, 1 apple


5pm (after training) vegan salami sandwich with tomato on brown bread, protein shake


8pm: bowl of lentis with some pasta, bowl of broccoli, some homous, 1 apple and some grapes.


10pm: bowl of cerals with soy milk, glass of juice.

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12 PM: Vegan Cereal (10 grams of protein and w/matcha green tea) with soymilk and an onion bagel topped off with organic hummus. 1 cup of water.


-multivitamins & vitamin b12 tablet.


2 PM (pre workout): water mixed with creatine.


3 PM (during workout): 1 glass of water.


4 PM (post workout): Asian soy chicken and rice bowl with 2 half slices of pineapple. 1 cup of water.


5 PM: cucumber with 1 spoon of organic peanut butter.


- protein shake (22 grams).


6 PM: Pinto beans with chopped tomatoes, cilatro, onions, one whole radish mixed with organic hummus.


-1 bowl of large strawberries, blood oranges, and regular oranges.


7 PM: 1 cup of green tea.


8 PM: 2 slices of pineapple.


10 PM: Boca beef patty topped with organic hummus, chopped, and mixed with lettuce, slices of strawberries and slices of pineapple. 1 glass of water.


12 AM - 2 tablespoons of organic flaxseed oil.


That's all for now...I'll probably eat more in a bit. I know, I'm such a pig!

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