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A NYC Introduction


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Hi all!


A quick introduction on me: I've been vegan for 1.5 years, but have been into bodybuilding forever, and have loved heavy weight training ever since my early teens. Due to starts and stops in training, I'd really call myself intermediate at this stage, and seem to have plateaued. (Up until recently, I've been training to failure, on a three day split routine.)


Dietwise, I've focused primarily on nuts, a small amount of fruit, oatmeal, steamed veggies,the occasional wheat pita and/or meat substitute. (I know all about fitday, and have used it to try to fine-tune my diet.) On and off, I've been interested in just *seeing* what a raw diet might do, and want to give it another shot.


Also (just this weekend) have decided to revamp my routine to M-W-F all-body 5x5 on the following exercises:


Squats (which are my WEAKEST exercise...my legs just have no endurance) (9 lb bodybar)

Bench Press - 75lbs

Gravitron Assisted Dips

Pullups (can do three unassisted, then finish with Gravitron)

Auxillary exercises include pushups and situps


On T, Th - cardio (hate it, but will try to make myself do it anyway, just on general principal!)


My goals:


Strength Gains - specifically: be able to do an unassisted dip, bench 100lbs, squat at least the Olympic bar, 40 pushups, 100 situps, and most importantly, 10 unassisted chins. Okay, not ALL at once, but still!


Dietwise, I'd also like to lose around 10lbs (the weight's come back a tiny bit since I went vegan and way, way off Atkins...!) Okay, and I'd love to look like Sharon Bruneau in her prime. But then again, who wouldn't?


But...enough about me. I'm excited to have found this website, with the chance to meet with people who I share my athletic interests, *and* understand the needs of veganism. Great site, guys! I'm looking forward to it!

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I think you'll be able to reach all of those goals with dedication. At this time last year, I could only bench about 75 as well. I hit 100 lbs this March/April and it felt great. Good luck with your goals!

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