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I went to a vegan prom on the weekend


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I did nothing athletically on the weekend, and this is why. I did, however, sit in a car for nearly 2,000 km.


We hit the road just after 9 a.m. on Friday, headed first to Rochester for an overnighter before heading on to Jersey for Vegan Prom. The drive was uneventful, but I was very hungry by the time we reached the first stop on the journey, China Road restaurant in Syracuse NY. We had been there before a couple years ago, so it wasn’t too jarring to see its rundown exterior.




The food was flavourful, but lacked vegetables for the most part. China Road has a separate vegetarian menu, which is awesome, but the dishes listed under "vegetables" do not necessarily contain vegetables, as we learned. We had szechuan tofu (no vegetables), garlic fried tofu (no vegetables) and vegetarian beef with broccoli (thankfully, lots of broccoli!)




After that it was on to Natur-Tyme, a natural food store, and the Carousel Centre for some shopping. Before we left town we stopped in at Strong Hearts Café, a new ALL-VEGAN café in Syracuse. I do not have enough good things to say about this place. The owners are vegans and the one I met, Joel, is very cool. They have a really classy space and a menu that includes about 15 different kinds of vegan milkshakes made using Temptation ice cream (which we do not get in Canada). We purchased a vanilla maple oreo milkshake, and two cookies and cream cupcakes (which we never got to eat as we forgot them in our hotel room!! ) Strong Hearts also uses 100% biodegradeable, compostable takeaway containers made from CORN!


Some of its menu:




Todd with our milkshake and cupcakes:



Me just outside of the café:




From there we hit the road to Rochester, where we were going for the sole purpose of eating at The King and I Thai restaurant. We ate there two years ago and have wanted to go back since but couldn’t justify the five hour drive. They have a fantastic veg menu with probably close to 30 options. We met up with someone I know from Vegan Freaks and his lovely newly-vegan girlfriend.


We ordered SIX entrees for the four of us because we just couldn’t decide. We ordered panaeng (red) curry, yellow curry, green curry, vegetables in peanut sauce, something called "chu chi" vegetables (sic?) and something called evil jungle curry. All of the dishes had tonnes of vegetables and were all absolutely delicious. We finished everything, except for a small takeaway container worth of food. I easily ate more than anyone else at the table. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed.








The next morning we picked up a couple people and headed down to Jersey for the prom. On the way there we ate at Taste of Thai Express in Ithaca NY. We wanted to show restraint and order only two dishes for Todd and I to share, but there were so many fantastic options we ended up ordering three and finishing them off. They were vegetables in garlic sauce, pad thai, and spinach in peanut sauce (I forgot to upload the photos). That place gives The King and I a run for its money.


The only noteworthy parts of the trip there are when Todd performed some road acrobatics to avoid hitting a groundhog (thankfully, the groundhog was unharmed).


The food at the prom was great. The organizers made it all themselves. There was tofu vegetable stir-fry, mac and cheese, baked ziti, salad, chick pea curry, and for dessert cookies and two giant luscious cakes! I ate two whole plates of main course and a big chunk of cake.


One of my absolute favorite pics, my friend Nancy (a runner) and I:




Todd and I:





The prom itself was fun. Since I didn’t get drunk, I got to be a spectator. It was amazing to be around almost all vegans and vegetarians, and not have to give a single thought to if what I was eating had come in contact with animal juices, body parts, or secretions.


We stayed over with friends, and were served a lovely breakfast in the morning. We didn’t take pictures on this day because we all looked and felt like ass. In Ithaca we ate at ABC Café. Todd and I shared a vegan burrito that was stuffed with tofu, black beans and home fries and topped with guac and salsa, and a tofu scramble. It was good, but the amount of chicken ovum on the menu was gross, considering it’s a "vegetarian" restaurant.


We hit Syracuse next, stopping to do a bit of shoe shopping, and then stopped at Strong Hearts again. We had hoped to get replacement cupcakes, but they didn’t have any, so instead we ate strawberry vanilla cake! We also had two sandwiches, roasted vegetable and chickpea salad on pumpernickel. Both were great. And of course, milkshakes. This time in addition to the kind we had last time, we also ordered a chocolate peanut butter shake. Both were so good I almost cried. With our bellies full, we headed home, arriving at about 10:30 last night.

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Doh! I'm in Rochester! Looks like you had a great time. I've never actually eaten at "The King and I". Now I definitely need to try it. There's a Thai/Burmese place near me that I go to once in awhile though. That place in Syracuse looks interesting too.



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Doh! I'm in Rochester! Looks like you had a great time. I've never actually eaten at "The King and I". Now I definitely need to try it. There's a Thai/Burmese place near me that I go to once in awhile though. That place in Syracuse looks interesting too.




Definitely go there (King and I)! It's fantastic. The veg menu is extensive.


Strong Hearts in Syracuse is worth the trip too. I love supporting vegan businesses.

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