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Denise Nicole in Cinderella Shoes (aka seasiren)

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Thank you!



......voting link is still up (not sure how long 'til they switch to next months).




Pullovers 50 rep

Wide Grip Pull Downs: wu15, 10, RP 12

T-Bar Rows (old school) 12-6-6-6

Rear Delts wu15, 10, RP 11

Preacher Curls wu15, 10, RP12

Reverse Curls 30rep


Vertical Mount Work (pole fitness) ...... need serious work on grip or I'm gonna bust my head open! suggestions are welcome!!??


Off to finally finish my Christmas shopping today! Gonna brave the crowd, lol

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Are you loving Michigan now or still adjusting? Have the kids adjusted well?


How is your personal training career going? Most of my clients go on vacation for December, so I've been struggling a bit this month. Can't wait until things pick back up in January. Hope you are liking the changes!!!


Hey VP!!!!


I have no words regarding the weather here!!! OK one... brrrrr!


PT is going very well. Booking out the year for Public Speaking etc. I didn't see too much of a lull in my clients, but everyone else I know was hit hard. New Year Resolution season is a comin' though! When all the excitement of the holiday winds down and they do a mirror check... the regret of the eating season kicks in and then panic that bikini season is around the corner sets in... so that's where we come in, to get everyone back on track


Getting ready to take off again (STILL not finished shopping). Need groceries for Christmas dinner too. And going to a friends house for dinner. She is such a sweetie! They are not veg , yet she is making a veg dinner for my kids and a raw one for me.... very kind of her


Today - generally an off day , but needed to burn off some excess energy, so 20min cardio


Was invited to the Lions game today. As much fun as it would be to see what will most likely be the worst team in NFL history play, the 8 degree, -15 degree weather with wind chill did not sound like fun! And you can not get me to believe it'll be warm since it's played inside the stadium! lol


I got an invite to do the New Bikini Division at the Arnold this coming year on the main stage.... I don't know, maybe???


Also, was notified by Easy Rider (while they are still accepting votes), that I was in the top so they need very current Polaroids for the editors to make the final decision. The Polaroids insure that the model is the claimed height and weight and does not have any unclaimed scars, stretch marks, tattoos, etc, so there are no surprises when you show up for the photo shoot. If you are not familiar with easy rider, I'm not the type that generally makes the magazine. They in the past like the harder biker "chick" not "biker Barbi". But the fact that I made it to prelims.... perhaps they are trying to grab a different crowd. I know the bike market is rapidly changing from biker bad boys to doctors, lawyers and retirees... so who knows?? I'll get the stuff to them and see what happens.

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