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Vegan Vacation started early!


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Our 3rd annual Vegan Vacation doesn't start until Saturday but veganpotter, thendanisays, and Lean and Green flew in tonight.


Jessifly, Tasha and I greeted them with enthusiasm. Speaklow is sleeping since he works early and andesuma is on her way over too.


Here are a few pics from the basement taken after midnight:


In order from left to right:


Jessifly, Tasha, Lean and Green, thendanisays, veganpotter, robert











The group is super cool so far and will only get better with others arriving soon!


Everyone is awesome!


Welcome to Vegan Vacation 2008! Welcome Home!

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Tons of photos already....way too tired to post many of them....but thought we'd share a few BODYBUILDING photos....


P.S. Octopussoir just rolled into town too!


Here are a few of me and Lean and Green. L&G got SWOL! Look at those legs!













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Hey guys and gals,


Good to see you having so much fun!!!


You should all come to my house in Naples for one of my raw vegan banquets. People go nuts over the food, literally. No, you can't have my recipes!!! Only kidding.


And check out my friend at http://www.eco-cuisine.com. Ron Picarski, a raw food enthusiast and award winning vegan chef has received multiple medals in the World Culinary Olympics.


Stay tuned (send your email address for our ongoing newsletter to [email protected]) for further information about upcoming festivals at Viktoras' Costa Rica Retreat this fall (http://www.viktoras.org, http://www.hippocratesinst.org) . It will be all raw vegan and the best. Maybe we can meet there: http://www.vegetarianusa.com/costarica/


God bless you all. Hope to share more in the future.

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