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Charlie Abel FTW! ZOMG!


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This guy is a raw vegan bodybuilder. Is he here yet?


This is how hee looked like when he was young (edit, not raw vegan in this photo yet):



This is how he looks like now, at the age of 48:



His site is here: http://www.charliesgym.info/


But when I tell people that I'm a bodybuilder; I'm 49 years old; I just won 3rd place in an actual bodybuilding contest; and my diet consists of of fruits, vegetables, and only 1/2 cup or less of nuts per day (considered a protein food); well, they really don't know what to say. And then I go on, "OK, so if you're eating all this protein - meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, and I'm not, in fact, according to you I'm not getting any protein," then, rolling up my arm and showing my baseball size biceps muscle, "then how did I grow these muscles, in fact, let's see your biceps muscles!" To which I've yet to receive much of an intelligent response, and certainly not a response that has any facts or research behind it.


edit: More info and pics here http://www.therawdiet.com/meetcharlie.html


If there is a thread of this guy already then this can be removed. Anyway, I didn't find anything with a search with "abel".

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He may look a bit smaller than the younger years, but some of that can be the lighting in the pictures or his tan. Nice legs! Even if he didn't get bigger, I think it shows you can certainly maintain on his diet. It would be interesting to know his caloric/protein intake.

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He may look a bit smaller than the younger years, but some of that can be the lighting in the pictures or his tan. Nice legs! Even if he didn't get bigger, I think it shows you can certainly maintain on his diet. It would be interesting to know his caloric/protein intake.


Ok, so here's what a typical day's diet is for me, and you can try to figure out where I get my protein.




7 a.m. - 2 oranges or fruit in season




8 a.m. - 5 to 8 or so rambutans, a tropical fruit here in Hawaii




9 a.m. - 5 bananas with 10-12 Kale leaves (the bananas in Hawaii are finger bananas, about 5" long)




10:30 a.m. - 12 bananas with a rib of celery




12 noon - 12 bananas with celery ribs




2:00 p.m. -12 bananas with 2-3 celery rib




4:00 p.m. - 4-5 pieces of other fruit in season such as peaches, apricots, etc




6:00 p.m. - Large salad comprised of 1 head of lettuce, some kale, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet red bell pepper, cabbage and 1 oz. of one variety of nuts each night. I soak the nuts in water for 24 hours first. I eat different nut each night for variety. My favorites are: almonds, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, or about 1/4 of a large avocado, as the avocados here in Hawaii can be up to 2 to 3 lb.




Actual Daily Intake July 10, 2005




So you can see that I eat a fruit meal along with lettuce, celery, or cucumber every hour and a half or so. Here's the total food intake from another day:




Kale: 10 oz.


Cucumber: 12 oz.


Litchi (a tropical fruit): 11 oz.


Grapefruit: 12 oz.


Strawberries: 2 oz.


Bananas: 62 oz.


Nectarines: 10 oz.


Peaches: 12 oz.


Broccoli: 4 oz.


Cauliflower: 4 oz.


Sweet Red Pepper: 4 oz.


Tomatoes: 16 oz.


Lettuce: 6 oz.


Raw Hemp Seeds: 4 oz.


Honey dates: 6 oz.


Celery: 4 oz.




The above is my total food intake for the day. I then entered the information into nutridiary.com and it figured out my nutritional breakdown as follows:




Calories: 3589


Total fat: 50 grams


Cholesterol: 0 grams


Sodium 405 mg


Carbohydrate: 811 grams


Fiber: 102 grams


Protein: 84 grams





taken from his site.

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Not good when this guys one of the leading bb's for raw food. If i remember correctly he only weighs like 145 pounds. I have a friend who's clean and as been his whole life at 49 is 225 with probably like 10 percent body fat.

You have to be that skinny to compete in natural bodybuilding. If Abel was 225lbs he would not be in any classic bb competitions because he would be too heavy.


Of course there are bigger guys since he doesn't look tall and he has to be at 145 pounds when he's competing.


I really don't know what people have against raw food. That guy is great at what he's doing even if he's not a mass monster. Not everyone wants to be one!

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He looks tiny in that video and says that he's only been raw for 3 years, in those pics the muscle he has was probably built on his old diet and now he looks like he's lost some muscle.


I think it depends what your looking for....If your looking for Ronnie Coleman's size/mass on the raw diet, chances are it's not going to happen and your always going to be complaining!


I've not been in touch with Charlie for a while but at one point he was not training very often/seriously due to re-locating, plus those raw pics are pretty old now!..I don't know what shape he's in know, the last vid I saw of him he was pretty small for a bodybuilder!


As far as an example for "raw" bodybuilding, he's getting old and I don't think Charlie cuts it and I don't think any raw foodist will please the die hard bodybuilding enthiusiasts ever, I don't think anybody that's 100% raw, 100% natural and not over eating can come anywhere near to that amount of size/mass that you see these days, nature just doesn't work like that!



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Yeah, but they're in high school and therefore have a higher testosterone level. Things DO decline as you age and not everyone can keep up or improve. Aging and the human body has not been studied enough for us to really know what the average competitor can achieve, raw or vegan or omni.

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what is the 'standard' we are judging crew like charlie on. its a standard set by drugs.


ive trained at australias institute of sport. its drugs for breakfasts followed by cornflakes and canned fruit. i continue to train with olympic, tour de france and world class athletes. nobody is smashing world records clean.


society is ignorant to 2 facts.

that raw plant food is all we need.

and how much drugs our sporting 'champions' consume.


even the person whom claims 'im clean man, im clean!' is taking stuff. in the form of 'legal' products and or the drugs they fed the cows, pigs, sheep etc.


people are always looking for excuses against raw vegan. im here to dispel em..lol!

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what's your strength like? you probably don't lift that often since your a cyclist, but since going raw how has your strength changed? me personally i'm much more impressed by strength that size. i rarely see guys in the gym putting up much more than they look like they should be able to

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Well the comparison is right there. He was non-vegan in that younger picture, and he doesn't look much different for being much older in terms of size. Maybe he just isn't genetically gifted to be really huge, or never wanted to become huge. What's the big deal?


Have we forgot Lean and Green? He's doing really well on raw.

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But there's no reason why a raw foodist shouldn't look as good or better than any natural bb or natural athlete. There are many high school kids that are natural that are bigger, stronger and have a much better phyique than him.

A fairer comparison would be with 49 year old natural BB or natural athlete.


I think he looks great, especially compared to your average 49 year old male – obese, unfit etc.


Also there are many natural athletes who have a similar size and musculature to Charlie. Not everyone wants to be – or can be - ‘big’ in the sense of what constitutes big in natural bodybuilding or in the grotesque pumped up steroid way.


Genes play a part too – if you were born to be short, have relatively low bodyweight etc – then that’s going to effect your progress and limit what you can achieve whatever diet you follow.


Not sure where this idea comes from to be a good bodybuilder you have to be huge or have mass. Not everyone wants to look bulked up – you can still have a good physique whilst being lean and ripped.


EDIT - I was typing this post whilst Katabatic posted his, so didn't mean to repeat his comments about genetics and being huge - we were just thinking the same and typing it at the same time.

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