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I made the cover of the Willamette Week Newspaper


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Yeah, the cover was a great surprise and looks pretty sweet.


I don't make much money through Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness but I may in the future as I make more videos, etc.


We make most of our money selling DVDs. We've moved 2,000 of them so far at about $20 each.


Money is also made from selling clothing items, putting on festivals in Portland, Google Ads (which aren't around currently) other advertisements and affiliate programs, and through a few other things like my speaking tour.


So it's mostly DVDs, clothing and advertising with a little from my events too.


Some day it should make a lot more, which will allow me to do a lot more with the site, community, and with my ability to promote the vegan athlete lifestyle to a larger audience.


If you feel like it, please leave a comment on the newspaper website.


They took a huge risk putting VEGAN on the front of their mainstream newspaper. I'm really proud of them for doing so. Please let them know it is an interesting topic so they'll likely cover veganism in the future!

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Hey everyone, thanks for commenting on my article in the Willamette Week!




Please continue to comment to bring global awareness to this topic!


And also..........the comment doesn't have to be about me.


Please help us recognize Diane my training partner, the reporter, the newspaper, etc. all for making this a success. For taking this risk of putting "VEGAN" on the front of a mainstream newspaper.




Imagine if they get more comments on THIS Cover story than any other...and most are positive, like they are. Think about how that will change minds not just of the people involved, but even as they consider topics to showcase in the future.


If Veganism is HOT they'll want to hit it from another angle soon.


This could lead by example and show newspapers all over the country the impact that an article like this can have and from their perspective, how popular this topic can me for their readership.


Please reach out and do this for veganism, not just for me. I love the comments of course, and appreciate them....but this is way bigger than me...this is about changing the way people think, eat and live to be more compassionate.


Let's set a new standard and use this as a positive example for other news publishers to follow.


Thanks so much!


Robert Cheeke



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