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vegan mutton chops


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So I did a triathlon on sunday (got 67th/850ish overall)


While my heat was in the "loading dock" the guy next to me look at my bottoms and says. "nice shorts dude"...and then looks at my sideburns says .."so does it bother you when people call them mutton chops" ...and I was gonna try to come back with some witty alternate name for mutton chops but I couldn't drum anything out (tofu chops is just trite) so if anyone has a good vegan friendly mutton chop analog let me know.



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How about Lambs Quarters?

The leaves and young shoots may be eaten as a leaf vegetable, either steamed in its entirety, or cooked like spinach. Each plant produces tens of thousands of black seeds. These are high in protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Quinoa is a closely related species which is grown specifically for its seeds.[11]


Archaeologists analysing carbonized plant remains found in storage pits and ovens at iron age and Roman sites in Europe have found its seeds mixed with conventional grains and even inside the stomachs of Danish bog bodies. It remains arguable whether the weed was included in the diet deliberately


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