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There is a vegan-friendly IRC network called Serenia:


irc://irc.serenia.net #vegan


They require registration for regular users, and #vegan is a strictly "vegans-only" room; #vegan-info is used for debate and the like. I would say that if someone were so inclined they might create a #veganbodybuilding room, at least until there's a chatbox on these forums again.


For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, there are several free clients available for use (XChat2 for Windows & Linux, & Colloquy for OSX). The Opera web browser also has built-in IRC functionality, and some instant messengers like Pidgin can also connect to IRC networks.

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A chat room would come in handy right now.

Trying to decide on an avatar but I'm not sure I want to reveal my face just yet. <.< >.> Nothing too intense either... I want to blend in but alas I'm no blender... a picture of myself in a forest would be nice but unfortunately I've never been to a forest. Perhaps this picture of me stabbing myself with a pair of scissors? No... too victorian suicide chic.

Maybe I'll just find a picture of an elf on Google.

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