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I wanna go daaaaancing!!!


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Ok, what Vegan Vacationers/whoever, want to go dancing?!


Saturday night, @ the Holocene?



This is what's going on...

ROCKBOX is a dance party. Pure and Simple. The triumvirate of DJ KEZ (KBOO, THE FIX), Matt Nelkin (KPSU), and Dundiggy (THE FIX) play a masterfully blended mix of fun, dance oriented Hiphop, R&B, and Old School Electro with a dash of Bmore, Dancehall, 80s, and House thrown in for good measure.


As die-hard record collectors all three Dj's play exclusively vinyl. Every set and every ROCKBOX dance party is a custom experience with these cats digging into their seemingly bottomless crates to pull out the beats that make you want to sweat out the work week. More than just another gig for these talented three, ROCKBOX dance party represents their long held vision of merging the classics alongside the progressive.






I am a complete sucker for good music and good dj's, and the Holocene

has never disappointed. (Though I've only been on gay nights)

But, I think it sounds fun, and really need to get out more/go out dancing more.

So, I figured I'd suggest it...

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Yeah man! Let's dance more often!


A few people may end up moving here after Vegan Vacation too, so the more to go out with!


For sure bro. I go out at least 1x a week if not 2-3. Especially in the summer when I've got more time off. It'll happen again soon.

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Dude, I went out again last night....was going to call you but it was like 1:15 when we finally got downtown.


I've always loved dancing but haven't made it a priority. I'll try to get out more. Great to see you and Eke the other night.


Later bro,



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