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Dr. Pink

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The games I'm currently playing right now are:


Final Fantasy IV for DS( AWESOME )

Elite Beat Agents for DS( Gah man sooo addicting )

Nintendogs for DS( Soooo cute )

Maxe Payne( I'm in the building where the last enemy resides. Can't get passed the sniper bombers )

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty( Started a new file today. Got passed the Tanker and tonight I will beat the Plant Segment. I must admit I found the concept of not playing as Snake a bit off-putting at first but I think it is kind of unique to get to see Snakes character from a new perspective )

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Cool thread!


Singleplayer: Assassin's Creed atm.. Very repetitive but I want to see how the story evolves and it has some cool stuff in it.

Multiplayer: Call of Duty 4 since release (I'm a CoD fanboy) and a bit Lord of the Rings Online..


Hope my GRID arrives soon...

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I'm just a dork - I've spent the last week playing the same Nintendo DS Brain Age 2 Sudoku puzzles over and over trying to beat my old best times. It works well as a sleep aid, too - eventually I just get so bored of it that I finally feel like going to bed at 5:30 AM.


Lack of time has been a factor in playing minimal games for the past month or so.

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