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Annonymous quotes from the Vegan Vacation house


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There have been a lot of funny things going on here. I thought I'd post some of the things I've heard. It can be open for anyone to post things as well.


"I'm so full I can't eat another leaf."


After a conversation about testicles late at night....."I'm going to hit the sack."


"He's too busy filming the wall."


"I'll be making the bubbles in the hot tub tonight."


"I can't find my".....fill the in the blank (We've lost a lot of things and will hopefully find the things still lost)


"We're going to have garlic coming out our......."


"It's 1PM we should probably get out of bed."


"It's 3:30AM we should probably go to bed soon..."


"Point that thing somewhere else"


"Stop groping my......"


"I think I'll pass on the gas chamber."


"This is Green and Lean!"


"I thought I was going to fall through the bed and crush Tasha"

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Some from today.


I wish we had a camera going constantly. There are incredible one-liners and sayings and just general conversations that are brilliant.


So, a few from today:


"When the right time comes, God help us all."


"I wish I was shitting myself right now but it's just not happening."


"It's a mountain, of course it's steep."


"No ice cream until you finish your burritos"


"We've gone through 75 pounds of bananas over the past 3 days"


"I'm all in again."


"I'm glad we have a no pants policy."



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"We've gone through 75 pounds of bananas over the past 3 days"


Considering I'm not at the cabin anymore. You'll have more left over to eat


I wonder if someone is going to use any of those comments for their signatures


"I made the bed rocking last night. I was hoping I wasn't going to fall on you"

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Anonymous but I bet you can guess who said it:


"I thought it was gas but it turned out to be my balls"


And some more:


"Have you seen my trunks... oh there they are, don't know what they are doing up there..." (pulling them from off the lamp)


"Nothing like the sound of a vitamix to wake you up in the morning!"


"Smoothies! Smoothies! I'm awake!"


"What's everyone wearing today?" "Wear as little clothing as possible, no seriously."


"You couldn't have written me a personal message on my wall?"

"Dude, you're right here.. I'll give you a personal message right now"

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"If you eat zucchini you can eat a f*cking carrot."


"Potter, nobody's listening to you...what did you want to say?"


"I can't pee in the water so I peed in the bushes."


"If there are living organisms in your pee, you've got a problem."


"That is the dumbest sh*t I've heard in my entire life."


"I would love to absorb 10% of the food I eat."


"Half of my budget was going toward bananas."


"I can't f-ing believe your mom still buys you food."


"You're not doing sh*t now."


"I use the toilet brush when I need to."

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"When Robert goes down he always swallows."


"He's too good at this game."


"Who posts sh*t like this."


"You can say Peso."


"Should we not say burrito, should we say wrap?"


"If someone brings a Mexican Peso here, it's not a dollar."


"We don't need to raft, they're having enough fun being Neanderthals throwing rocks."


"They have the consistency of eyeballs."


"I still can't turn right....I lean to the left what can I say."


"Does your bed fall through the bedframe too?"


"Can you go reset the router......again?"


"Come over here and smell my fingers."


"I told you there was going to be lots of clanking around."


"What is it about the cycling tours and all the male enhancement commercials?"


"They all have small penis'"


"How do you spell penis's?"


"I think they have saddle sack."


"What the f*ck is wrong with you?"


"Hey, you should mix the energy drink with Enzyte."


"Your penis will be six inches larger but you'll be dead."


"When you get paid a lot you're much more willing to haul ass and eat sh*t."

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Quotes before VV '08:


"its like something has a hold of my balls in a vise"


"hey are you gonna eat that piece of air"


"want another shake"


"hey you cant use that picture in the contests"


"is it orgy time? I like orgies"


"hey guys, theres a flexing contest in the car hurry up so you can be in it"


I cant think of anymore... oh yeah the biggest one of all that I personally rememeber, "UH HUH". I wonder who said that like a million times when everyone was NOT around. lol

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"do we have anything to eat on the way to getting something to eat?"


"I know you know and I'm not supposed to know you know but I can't lie so don't tell him I told you I know that you know."


After a search for a parkmap, then a search for an adventure park attendant to direct us, then a search for a disc golf course map then waiting in line for the chair lift, then a slow ride up the mountain, getting off at the wrong stop and chaotically getting put back on the lift to the top, an ordeal spanning a good 30 minutes.. Lift attendant yells up to us:

"Did you get your discs? They're at the bottom!" We had to ride the lift back down... Our park passes were expired by the time we reached the bottom to retrieve the discs.


"Who are you? How do I know you? What are you doing here?"


"You can ride your bike but you have to stand the whole time"


"He's a raw foodist, he can only be so much man"

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Leigh is Lee??


How was your date Potter? Oh it great but no desert.


We're leaving in 5 minutes. You said that 5 minutes ago. Yeah I know.


Potter are you going to eat that rotten papaya? Nah, i'll eat it later.


Isn't she the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? Who's that? The thing covering herself up with the blanket.

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Interescly enough. NO DOCTORS, NO HERBS, they didn't have any therapy because they didn't know disease, they didn't break any arms or legs because...... BUILD LIKE STEEL


I just sneezed so hard my hair almost fell out of my ponytail




in the essene gospel they talk about the premier writings of 2000 years ago they talk of bones of steel and flexibility like rubber man in the cartoon, just bounces back.

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"I'm allergic to love"

"A lot of people are"


"Don't forget the jacket, waterbottle and snacks but you better leave the couch... the theater doesn't allow them anymore after what happened last time."


"You gotta have that jumping around in circles feeling. If you have that jumping around in circles feeling for someone and they have that jumping around in circles feeling too, you've got something to keep, you've got golden rings!"


"I am jumping around in circles in my stomach!"

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