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tuc's bulking challenge - I eat meat if I lose (but I won't)

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OK, here's the deal:


I have a friend. He just graduated from a police academy. He's my age and a true meat eater. He's 120kg = 265 lbs. BF @ 25-30 %.


I am currently 78kg = 172 lbs. BF @ 10-15 %.


My friend wants to apply for the special forces of the Finnish police. He's training hard and the only way he has a change is to lose a LOT of weight but maintain muscles. He eats mainly hamburgers and drinks cola whereas I eat whole food, peas, beans, nuts and seeds. This is what is going to happen:


Next year, 1st July 2009, the challenge ends. We have the same target, I will bulk to 89-91kg, he will lose weight to 89-91kg. That's 196-201 lbs.


Which of us is closer to the target wins. If both reach the target, the winner is the one with lower BF %.


If I win, my friend eats vegetarian food (mostly vegan) for 2 weeks.


If my friend wins, I will eat a steak. One horrible meat steak.

I am NOT going to lose this one but I will make a meat eater vegetarian for 2 weeks (hopefully more, his gf is a veggie!) WISH ME LUCK! The bulking is ON and I only have to maintain the same pace I've had for 8 months already (+1kg/month). I SWEAR I WON'T LOSE! I can get myself in 82kg in one week if I want with creatine, water and food (evening weight) so I am pretty close to the target already.


I will report in this topic how we're doing. I try to do it monthly.

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Zack, the funny part is that my friend won't reach the target so I don't have to worry about having a high bf %. He was 89-91kg last time when he was 14 years old.


I will reach it. And I only have to gain 0,5kg muscle per month (app. 1 lbs). This is just a reason for me to train HARD and concentrate more on my legs since they have growing potential. I didn't train my legs for the first 2 months almost at all so easy gains still expected there.


I just bought a huge amount of nuts. I will take extra 1000-1500 kcal per day from nuts and seeds in addition to other food I eat immence amounts.

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Good luck!


I don't think anything could motivate me more than fear of losing that bet...I think I'd get really, really sick if I ate a steak at this point. It's been about a decade since I last had one and I'm sure I wouldn't handle it well.


Did he say what size steak, though? If he was really cruel he could take you to one of those places with those "72 oz steak challenges" where you get it free if you finish it in half an hour.

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you go dude!


3 dl oats

50 grams of peanuts/pb

30-40 grams of protein powder

0,5 litres of chocolate soymilk

50 grams of cocoa


it gives you approx 1200 kcal and tastes great. if you want to avoid too much fat gain take it after work outs. tastes like liquid snickers

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Oh, did I forgot to say that we'll measure the weight in the evening (I'll force it).


My evening weight is now 176 lbs and it's only 20 lbs to my target. If I gain ~ 15 lbs muscle mass in a year I'll reach my target easily while keeping my body fat approximately the same (abs only slightly visible). My friend will have a VERY hard time reaching his target since it is extremely difficult to lose 65 lbs while keeping all his muscles. I am currently almost as strong as him (except his legs), he might be able to do 1 rep more than me in bench press @ 80kg.


Did I mention that I work out almost entirely at home without help (except YOU guys!!! and my mates) and he's working out in a fancy gym with a personal trainer and a nutritionist? That makes it much more fun... I'll show what you can do while being a vegan without any fancy stuff!


Also, neither of us will use any illegal substances. Obviously. We're not that dumb.


hilary, you can check how I work out here:




Great to hear youve put on so much muscle! I just have to do what you did. I currently use soy protein but I think I'll try gemma and hemp protein too.


xjohanx, thanks for the great oatmeal recipe. I'll try it as soon as I get the ingredients!


medman, he's not going to kill me with a huge steak... I don't think we have those gigantic steak houses in Finland. Anyway, he can plan whatever he wants. He will be the one eating tofu after 12 months! And thanks for good luck!

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Ok... oatwhatever. If it can be drank then it is even easier to digest! \o/


You guys have nothing to worry about. I have never been heavier. Tonight my evening weight is 179 lbs


I could get it over 180 lbs without breaking a sweat. I just drank some beer and ate a lot of food and that's it. I haven't even been taking creatine except a very small amounts with recovery drinks.


I will be at my target before the next summer, then I'll bulk some more and have a cutting phase before the challenge ends so that I will kick major ass in both bf % and target body mass!

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