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Photos and Video from Vegan Vacation Whitewater Rafting trip


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Awesome! That was one of my favorite moments.


potter going after Darthvegan...the two of them squirming to get the other out and I came in and finished the job and also ended up in the water.


The 6ft drop off was also pretty tight and all the times people got pushed or pulled in were pretty awesome too!

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"You're not Lean and Green, you're Lean and Mean!"




Best adventure ever for Vegan Vacation so far!


White water rafting down the Deschutes River in Eastern, OR


Thanks Jessifly for arranging it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible Day today!


Way more videos to come too....we're just too tired at the moment.

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Watched the first video. Caught me of guard baaaad.


While it was loading all I saw was someones ass sticking out. I was thinking," Hey that's sexy man I don't mind looking at that while this video loads". Then the person gets up and it's Vegan Potter. . I gave myself the forehead hand of shame


Thanks for that sexually confusing moment guys

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