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80/10/10 (low fat raw diet)

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I've tried just about every diet out there and many different versions of the raw diet and havn't got the reason that i'm looking for. Now i'm going to try the 811 diet with just raw unprocessed organic fruits and veggies. The only problem is the cost. Before i consumed very little fruit so my diet was very cheap. I'd get over 4,000 calories daily on about 600 per month which is great. the only way i can get enough calories on 811 is oviosly a ton of fruit, but the only fruit that is cheap enough for me is Bananas and oranges. Would it be a problem if i eat only oranges, bananas and a large variety of greens? it's every that or get a variety and really undereat and witheraway. main goal is improve my health, but also looking to keep improving athletic proformance.

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While I do not want to discourage you at all from doing a raw diet, I would suggest that the diet you referenced might be a more than a bit limited.


Our approach has been to use sprouting as a source of low cost organic greens which one can make at home. See our book Survival in the 21st Century: http://www.survivalinthe21stcentury.com. Old copies are available at AMAZON.com.


Also, see http://www.sprouthouse.com and http://www.sproutman.com.


Algaes such as spirulina and blue green algae and also wheatgrass juice provide much protein in highly bioavailable forms. You can google those references for further information. You might also wish to see the thread at this Forum which is entitled "June is for JuiceFeasting" for some interesting ideas which are certainly tried and proven.


My posts elsewhere at this Forum also suggest and give instructions for the use of organic sprouted seed and nut protein shakes and smoothies and also sprouted grain cereal. These are relatively low cost as most of the food can be bought in the bulk section of health food stores.


When the seeds and nuts are soaked overnight and the sprouting process begins, the fats are converted into essential fatty acids which are easily digestible. Confer our book Sprout for the Love of Every Body - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=sprout+for+the+love+of+every+body&x=22&y=22


There are articles about other raw foods that can be easily prepared including fermented foods which introduce natural probiotics to the diet at our website: http://www.viktoras.org.


If possible, you might wish to arrange for a stay at one of the raw food institutions which teach people about the diet we advocate: http://www.hippocratesinst.org, http://www.annwigmore.org, http://www.optimumhealth.org.


Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you would like more information. You can also subscribe to our free Raw Enewsletter at that email address. Lots of useful information.


God bless you on your way. Be well and safe.


Couture547 after three months on a healthy raw diet.

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If you're limited by money, you can either eat a variety of fruits, but in smaller amounts (so obviously less calories and you're gonna lose weight), or sprout some grains, some are very cheap. But if you're going to have only oranges and bananas for the fruits, just seperate them, because always eating bananas and oranges at the same meal won't be easy for your stomach (sweet+acid), so you lose one of the benefits of this diet, which is less energy waste for digestion, more energy for activities. What you can do though to make it less expensive, is to do like chaserhun, not to do this diet 100% and have some cheap foods too.

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Also I'm sure there's other fruits than bananas and oranges that are cheap but that you haven't think of. Wait that certain fruits are in sale before you buy them. Also, some dried fruits are not very expensive, but most of them are not even raw. At least fresh dates are, and where I live there's boxes of 550gr for 2,50$. Perfect to eat with bananas, and give incredible boost of energy, also easy to carry in a small pocket during a bike ride.

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I think 100% raw is for those who live on a part of the earth wheres always summer and there are always fresh fruits, I don't think that some whole grain stuff will hurt, and Doug Graham said that include more calories from greens too, so you can make lot of green juices from lettuce that's not expensive, and some spinach, I know it's frozen, but usually it's frozen with a method that's fast, so not all the enzimes are destroyed.

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getting calories from greens aint really possible. at around 120cals per kg..you gotta eat like 20kg of greens to get some cals.


the diet victoras promoted back in the day was great for folk on a spiritual quest and living a sedentary lifestyle. but you gotta get some serious carbs if you wanna maintain raw vegan philosphy..or just end up back on cooked and or animal products..


1.calculate how much carbs you need per day.

2.work out how much fruit that is.

3.eat it mono.

4.get some greens.

5.go, go, go!


eating SUFFICIENT amounts of carbs from MONO MEALS OF oranges,or bananas and organic greens..dude, your gonna fly.


personally i dont put my wealth before my health. im liv'n on welfare and thriving as an elite athlete on 811...


so if we cant afford the best EVERY meal, then its high time we take a reality check of what we are liv'n for. society and corporate dreams? or our own..


one life. one shot. this is it.. its either a dance to remember or a dance to forget..

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I am on raw diet as well. I am still improwing my diet and i try to build up muscle.

For me it is not hard to eat enough fruit because i love them and we grow them here, so it is easy for me in the summer.

BUT! I eat other things as well, i think sprouting is a thing that everybody shuold do. I eat every day 200g lentils (sprouetd for 2days) with tomato and carrot(sliced, seasoned-raw!)

And i eat a lot of sprouted grains, after training puding i call: i cup(150g) of wheat, rye or kamut, or mixed, i blend this with 3 banana and with some organic carob powder, it is very tasty and very nutritent because the grains have lot of carbs and proteins as well, and it is raw, so full of enzimes. I will add some other sprouted graind to it, but it is very effective so far.

And in the morning, after the wheatgrass juice, i eat one cup of soaked flax seed(with sesame), and half cup soaked sunflower seed and some cheastnut as well usually with salad. Mainly my strenght is from the sprouted grains, and lentils but i eat a lot of salad as well with various kinds of vegetables, sprouted greens, sprouted beans etc...

So besides the lot of fruit the sprouted grains, greens are my key foods.

As i said, i am still learning and i learn a lot from you guys, here in the forums!

So thank you, and i hope i can help you with this.

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