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Can you list the foods that are over 200 calories?

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I love my vegan lifestyle I am doing my best to get calories. I was 140 lbs but now I am down to 132 need to get back up and gain weight back. I have a high metabolism so what can I eat to reach over 2000 calories?


Make your list 200 calories or higher


list the foods that you know that have over 200 calories per serving.

Please don't include cakes baked goods.


Looking for good healthy foods.


Thanks - RAiN


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you americans and your "calories per serving"

everyone eats different amounts of food so to me it seems ridicolous.

if you want to gain weight I would say the easiest way to do it is by including more fats in your diet. nuts, seeds, avocados are all great.

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Why not eating larger servings? that's a lot more fun than eating tiny servings of fats.


But let me think... healthy foods that have lots of calories... there's not a thousand different answers, because calories work on only 3 ways:


fats : 9 calories/gram

carbs and proteins : 5 calories/gram, I think ?

But proteins, even less, like 4 calories/gram, because it takes more energy to digest.


So basically, add more (healthy) fats to your diet. Luckily, most of plant-based fats are healthy fatty acids (seeds, nuts, avocados, etc), just moderate on coconuts, pure oils, and peanuts.


Carbs that are calorie-dense and also lots of benefits such as fibres:

Meals like pastas, lentills and other beans w/ bread and vegan margarine, corn on the cob w/ olive oil, rice, potatoes, carrots. oatmeal, amaranth, quinoa and other grains (but chose whole grains)...


Have some fruits that are high in energy like fresh dates, bananas and dried fruits like figs.

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This is absolutely true - if one 'medium' banana has 105 calories (nutritiondata.com), then eat two, and "bam!" you have 210 calories of banana.


If you want to count calories, a kitchen scale is an incredible tool. You can weigh your food and do the math. One cup of shelled sunflower seeds weighs about 128g and has 745 calories. Do some simple math and you'll find that you get 200 calories from just under 1/4 cup. You can find the nutritional info for pretty much all your foods on the package (if it's packaged) or online (if it's something like produce). Combine that info with a scale and a pocket calculator and you can eat as many calories or whichever food as you want!

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