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a Hunter's view of animals


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What the .... I found this response from flesh eater

Man ignorance everywhere.... made me a bit mad.




This is what a hunter wrote on a forum


Are you the type of person to wait at the red carpet and throw red paint on celebrities for wearing fur? Shame, shame shame... Animals ARE NOT HUMANS!!! A FOOD SOURCE is NOT a pet. It is merely completing it's destiny when it is brought to the slaughterhouse.


Who says it is suffering? YOU?? How do YOU know? Are you a cow? pig? chicken? turkey? rabbit? YOU HAVE NO CLUE what their brain functions are and how they relay information. Who is to say that their life in a pen being fed 3 times a day is worse than if they were stuck in the wild, foraging and starving to death, in fear of a wild animal hunting it and killing it as it gets weaker and weaker? I am a SUPERIOR BEING to an animal. I HAVE FULL BRAIN FUNCTION. I use the ENTIRE animal, not just the skin, or the fur, or the meat. I USE IT ALL. That is NOT wasteful OR inhumane. There is a difference between animal CRUELTY and ABUSE and USING THE ANIMAL FOR WHAT IT WAS INTENDED FROM BIRTH!!!


What about that pesky mosquito or a spider that bites you? What about a rattler? Do you kill that? You can rationalize killing it because you felt THREATENED???? Ahhh I see, so when you are threatened, then life is not so precious. Well, my HEALTH is threatened when I do not eat certain vitamins and proteins found in meat. Therefore, when it comes to MY life and health and that of an INFERIOR animal, I COME FIRST!!! Don't worry.. If I found you starving and freezing to death on a mountaintop, I would kill an animal for you as well... To feed you and keep you warm, even if I find you to be an inferior being... You are still superior to the animals... You are worth saving...

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