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RAW Complete Proteins

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Hi, i want to go on a 75% raw vegan diet.

So i want to create complete proteins.


I heard that a Mix of Legumes and Nuts/Seeds is a complete protein (PDCAAS 1.0, WHO System).


So my question:


Is a mix with Peanuts (Legumes!) and Nuts/Seeds (like Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, almonds) a complete protein?

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your infos are not updated. You don't need to combine anything, just eat a variety of different proteins during the day and you'll be fine.

It takes several hours for the body just to break down the proteins from food and to make them into complete amino chains or near complete, then it goes into bloodstream for several hours until you eat other proteins which can complete the previous, if it's necessary.

In fact, it is better like that; to separate each source of protein make it easier to digest, therefore a more accurate assimilation of the nutrients. Otherwise, different proteins require different timing to digest and break down.

So for optimal and superior use of proteins, eat them separate from carbs, and only one kind of proteins at a time. You can combine many proteins of the same group though, like a bowl of mixed nuts.


Good raw proteins :

all nuts and seeds, and grains, ideally soaked or sprouted.

When you sprout greens like alfalfa, it multiplies it's amino acids amount and value by 300-600%, as well as vitamins of B-complex and minerals. Those are the most biologically efficient proteins you can find on Earth when eaten raw, and if you look at the protein amount per calories, it's higher than meat, milk, eggs, etc.


To conclude: there's proteins in ALL foods. Focus on quality not quantity.

Those have good amino acid scores:

Bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado (129), olives

Vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes (109), carrots, corn, cabbage, Cauliflower (103), Brussels sprouts, okra, peas, squash and kale.


Cereals, seeds and nuts…

Soybeans, quinoa, hemp, algae (spirulina, chlorelle…) (100-122),, rice, buckwheat (99), peanuts, pumpkin seeds have the highest profile with a score of 146


Related topics :

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Here is a video of Tim VanOrden (100% raw) talking about

. He's out there running those crazy mountain races, and often coming in the top 5 or 6. He's 40 and up against 19 and 20 year olds. Often times he wins too. I don't know how accurate his knowledge is, but it works for him. Personally I try to get a wide variety of everything - over a few weeks, as long as it's not cooked, and try not to eat more than a couple different foods in the same meal. It makes it easier to digest, and I imagine, to absorb and utilize. One more thing about raw foods, you don't have to sit around waiting for the body to process the food, it happens so quickly. You've got so much more time available to you for whatever!
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I forgot to mention also: sprouted lentills, fenugreek and mung beans are excellent ! It's true that raw food is fast absorbed, especially fruits of course. You can eat a huge fruit salad like blueberry-pear, banana-blueberry, nectarine-banana... and you can feel that's it's all easily and fast absorbed. Also, no waste of time to process food or to wash dishes when we eat green salads, fruit salads, or a handful of nuts! It's like The Perfection.

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I've red that wheatgrass juice is a really good bodybuilder, I'm buying a juicer, it's in a pack and it's cheaper now in the shop, a juicer, sprouter, and a pack of wheat well it's actually spelt. I can't wait for it! and there's also flax seeds for sprouting and soy beans for sprouting, so next month I'm gonna buy on of those too

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My protein sources: Sprouted lentils 150g-sprouted and seasoned with tomatoes

sprouted grains: wheat, kamut, rye etc... 150g blended with 3bananas, after training

sprouted beans and other sprouetd seeds and greens, soaked nuts, flax as well

don't forget to eat a lot of Fruits as well!

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