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Awesome Abs Contest! Let's see your shredded wheat!


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I will participate even though I have no chance winning after I saw that Zack is participating. Just to be in all the contests.


I'm in the middle of very good bulking and I'm not stopping it to show you guys tight abs. I got other things to do and that's why I'll show you rather flabby "abs". Just wait for it.

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Alright, Richard and Dr. Pink gave me courage, so I'm going to post a pic! Not going to pretend I'm a serious contender...I'm trying to bulk right now anyway, yadda yadda yadda.



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I am setting a note on my alarm tomorrow morning to take pictures. I would rather not do it late at night after stuffing several pounds of food in me.


Great to see the entries start and for Zack to finally jump in (except for the fact that his abs put mine to shame )!

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Boom Boom Boom




you are aware? You should have seen how many times this was played during vv. Josh was dancing to it.


this is so funny !!!


I got a visual of Zack following Josh around with Robert's laptop in the kitchen playing this song and Josh shaking his ass.

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ALISONFM WHERE YOU AT?????? You are the #1 reason why I decided to stop whining about losing bf and do something about it with your enthusiasm about this particular comp. And all the female competitors in general. Marcina, I know you're in, glad to hear it and I hope to see others. Beautiful turnouts all around.


These aren't my entries but I want to spice up this thread a little


Octo, I know you're out there and imma comin for ya. Need you in this comp; wouldn't be one without ya....



Me and Zack before we went berry pickin' and shortly thereafter in which several lbs of fresh berries wound up in our stomachs... ahhhhHH GOOD OLE RAW FOOD BLOAT!


all kidding aside, we were just pushing out stomachs out as much as possible. Gotta love it!


my actual entry in a few....

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Hey Jimi; I hope you reconsider. That wouldn't be a fair win. Anyways... Thanks for the kudos Couture! Here are my official entries.





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