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pic after bulking

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From age 20-53 I kept my weight at between 165-168. So after re-habbing from a serious car accident, I decided to put on some weight. Now a few months shy of 55, I have bulked to 198 at 6 feet. I am definately a work in progress, as I am in dire need of cutting flab (I feel like a fat pig right now), but it's been fun getting bigger and stronger. Progress is possible at any age and with any diet (especially veg, so kick his ass, Tuc). So now I will be doing lighter weights and higher reps to cut, define and shape, plus a cutting diet.






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First I thought "Can this be real?"...


Then I realized that it is...




INCREDIBLE bulk!! Huge mass everywhere! That's where I want to be after a year! I'll peak 180 lbs soon... I'm getting there, I promise...


Your lats, forearms, biceps, triceps, pecks, abs, deltoids... everything looks wonderful! That's some serious dedication and is something many would think impossible for a man your age in such a short time! VEGAN POWER!


You are an exceptional inspiration! I'd love to see more pics! However, I think you'd look like a monster in a year or two if you kept bulking and growing muscle at that pace! ...consider it!

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Wow . . . thanks so much for all of your very kind responses! They will help inspire me to keep working. I am going to Taiwan on Sunday, AKA Vegan heaven . . . visiting my wife's family and dance/martial arts master. The vegan restaurants are awesome there!

. . . Tuc, I am sure you will look much better than this in a year . . . .


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