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Active Portland Member Roll Call

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Hey Portlanders!


I know there are about 40 or 50 of you here. Some are new, some are old members who aren't active anymore, etc.


I'd love to see a roll call list. We've been doing some local get togethers recently and new people are getting involved and it is awesome!


Please reply so when we schedule cool events in PDX we're sure to include you with the invite!


You can also PM me your e-mail address and phone number if I don't have it. We schedule a lot of things through group e-mails and text messages.


Thanks so much!


Here is my roll call.



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PResent. And sorry I didn't make it out last night. Kickball ran way later than it was supposed to. oh and good show on tonight at the someday lounge. Hip hop/latin/soul + dance w/djs etc. Should be no cover. Starts at 9pm. I think someday is a happycows supporter too. Or at least I think they're listed there.

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