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Afternoon at the gym or.... a pill?


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Someone sent me this article today: Drugs Offer Promise of Fitness Without Effort


Can you enjoy the benefits of exercise without the pain of exertion? The answer may one day be yes — just take a pill that tricks the muscles into thinking they have been working out furiously.


Researchers at the Salk Institute report they have found two drugs that do wonders for the athletic endurance of couch potato mice. One drug, known as Aicar, increased the mice’s endurance on a treadmill by 44 percent after just four weeks of treatment.


To me, this just seems like a bad idea.


Obviously, everyone here is going to be against using mice in the research, so that doesn't even need to be discussed... but what do you think about an exercise pill?

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Proof that humans are idiots.


Hey, I resemble that remark.


Actually without humor, especially self-defacing humor, I find life too heavy a weight to bear...


Humor aside, I think the appeal of a magic pill is high... but for the long term, it's about living a lifestyle that has both discipline (to stay active doing things hopefully we like or even better we love or we do just because, and to eat healthy & nutritious and delicious or just healthy & nutritious and edible) and mindfulness (for what when and how we go on and off that path).


I'll admit I have taken "substances" (such as coffee, protein powder, creatine, amino acids, chromium, garcinia, hoodia, etc) prior to working out for something extra but the idea of a pill that allows you to not work out and that allows you to eat with reckless abandon, imo, is kind of a hollow victory; it's like making a mega-huge salary for doing a job you really really can't stand; more likely it's a scam and or a sham (*you have to exercise & eat sensibly which on it's own may be enough or as above mentioned, by cubby, there are adverse side effects that aren't even known yet).


In any event, the former I'd do again (coupling nutritional supplements with exercise/eating style) but the latter (the "do nothing" magic bullet) ain't me; not today and probably not tomorrow, either.

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Now as a typical bodybuilder, I would wonder if I could increase my gains if I used the pill and worked out too? Oh yeah, they have that now, it is called anabolic steriods!

And nah, there isn't any side effects to those!

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