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Vote for the VegNews Magazine Awards!


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Hey everyone,


Please VOTE for the VegNews Magazine Awards! We always vote every year and have never been on the ballot. Last year tons of you wrote in www.veganbodybuilding.com and Robert Cheeke and this year they are BOTH on the ballot for Favorite Vegan Forum and Favorite Vegan Athlete.


There are many more catetories too, such as Favorite Vegan Restaurants, Favorite Veg Cities, Favorite Foods, Favorite Vegan Stores, etc.


Places like Vegan Essentials, Food Fight, Herbivore, etc. are all listed.


Please check out the link and Vote!


I'd love to see our Forum get a great voter turnout and take the category


Thanks for your support!



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Yeah, totally.... Vegan Essentials has been a huge supporter of this website, of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, and me, so please give them love.


I really enjoy the voting process for this contest. Lots of great things to vote for and great exposure in their magazine for the winners.


Please vote for all the restaurants, companies, products, websites and people you have appreciated over the years.


Thanks for the support!

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Thanks buddy!


The reason we're there is because of all the support last year! Let's have another great showing this year!



When you vote, please keep some of these things in mind:


Vote Robert Cheeke as Favorite Vegan Athlete


Vote www.veganbodybuilding.com as Favorite Vegan Forum


Feel free to vote for Vegan Essentials which is up for 2 Awards!


Feel free to vote for VEGA as Favorite Supplement


Vote for your favorite cities, restaurants, personalities and products in the vegan industry!

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