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FREE Vegan Bodybuilding t-shirt for e-mailing people


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It may sound silly, but I want to support this forum as much as I can, so I want to offer a free t-shirt to people who encourage non-forum members to vote for this forum in the VegNews Magazine Awards Contest. If we win that contest, we'll get tons of exposure and tons of new forum members which will enhance our overall community.


Here is how it will work.


I will give you a free Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt to you for every 25 non-forum members you get to vote for www.veganbodybuilding.com as "Favorite Vegan Forum" in the contest here:




While you're at it, please encourage them to vote for Robert Cheeke as "Favorite Vegan Athlete"


Essenially it is dollar for every vote, paid out in clothing


Our NEW shirts are $20 plus $4.95 shipping, so basically $25 and you'll get them for free when you tell 25 of your friends to vote for us!


They must be NON-Forum members. I have someone helping me promote this contest within the forum already.


This will basically be on the honor system.


When you send out the e-mails to your friends, family, etc. please have them confirm that they have actually voted. So please don't contact me until you have 25 confirmations.


Use myspace, facebook, or your e-mail contact lists to reach people. For some of you, this could take less than 5 minutes to get an e-mail out to 100+ people and get 25 confirmations.


Easy and quick way to get ahold of some of our awesome new clothing you've seen many of us wearing around.




Questions....contact me



An e-mail may look like this:


"Hey Friends,


The website forum I use all the time, as well as the website forum creator, are both up Awards for VegNews Magazine. Please visit this link and vote for www.veganbodybuilding.com as "Favorite Vegan Forum" and Robert Cheeke as "Favorite Vegan Athlete."




Just by voting you get entered into a drawing for a FREE trip, and by voting for Robert and Vegan Bodybuilding, I'll get a FREE Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness t-shirt as a thank you from Robert because I helped promote the contest.


Thanks so much!


Vote here:


http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=2fkh_2bW3o9fkbEWraGcnM9Q_3d_3d "

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Awesome...on a side note I shipped out your winning Vega today for winning our Vega Display Contest.....$100 in FREE Vega coming your way.


Thanks for promoting it and as the votes come in, keep me updated and I'll get a t-shirt to you when I get back from D.C. I'll likely toss in some Vega too


I really appreciate it!



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How is this coming along?


I sold a bunch of shirts recently! People seem to be into them and we'll sell a ton at the Animal Rights Conference this weekend.


You can get one for FREE just by telling your myspace or facebook friends to vote for our forum


It's my way to say thanks for supporting us, going the extra mile to introduce our forum to others.


Tons of NEW items coming soon as well since they have been selling so well lately.

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How many people are owed a shirt?


4 more days left! Just let me know you got a bunch of confirmations and I'll ship out a shirt of choice to you. Thanks!


Here is an example letter (from my perspective):


Hello friends,


I'll keep this short. This is just a reminder that there are only 4 days left to vote for the VegNews Magazine Awards. (please tell others about it too!). There are lots of prizes you could win too, an incentive they created to get more people excited about the voting. VegNews is a great magazine too, and a big support of me and Vega.


I've been nominated as Favorite Vegan Athlete


My website www.veganbodybuilding.com has been nominated as Favorite Veg Forum


This is the largest voting of its kind with more than 20,000 voters. I honestly believe that I am one of the front runners for the Favorite Vegan Athlete award and if I can win it, I will officially be the "People's Choice" as Favorite Vegan Athlete in North America. A title I would love to have and use to promote the lifestyle that I have lived for 13 years.


To vote, please go to this link and please encourage others to vote too!:




If you don't know who to vote for in the other categories, please consider voting for some Portland based businesses.


Some other names to look for are:


Vega -The company I work for (favorite vegan supplement)

Vegan Essentials - Online and storefront

Ani Phyo - Cookbook Author

Vegan Outreach

Farm Sanctuary



And this list my friend typed up based on some of my suggestions:


Here are some votes for our city:



Blossoming Lotus (Portland, OR and Kauai, HI) <-- My favorite!!

Nutshell (Portland, OR)



Black Sheep Bakery (Portland, OR)

Sweetpea Baking Company (Portland, OR)



Vega <-- Robert Cheeke works for them


Favorite Faux Meat

Turtle Island


Non-dairy Milk

Living Harvest


Online Vegan Store <-- They can't both win, but let's give'em props and make PDX #1.

Food Fight! Grocery <-- Vote to win



Vegan Storefront <-- Maybe we could decide that one wins one category and one wins the other (<--Vote to win).

Food Fight! Grocery (Portland, OR)

Herbivore (Portland, OR) <-- Vote to win


Vegan athelete

Robert Cheeke <-- My second runner up is Mac Danzig. Damn that Robert for being so good at what he does.


Cookbook author

Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero <-- Do you really need any reason here, I think not.


Favorite Non-profit <-- These are write-ins.



or other


Veg forum

veganbodybuilding.com <-- Go Robert!!


Veg Friendly City

Portland, OR



Go and Vote - time is running out. August 31, 2008 at midnight is the deadline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thanks again, I really, really appreciate it!


Feel free to forward this to others and spread the word. Voting is almost over.


-Robert Cheeke


P.S. I have flyers too. I've passed out about 1,000 of them and if you'd like any, just e-mail me and I can send the attachment to you.

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Another sample letter...today is the final day!




Today is the final day to vote in the VegNews Magazine Awards polls!


Please consider voting for me, my website, and the company I work for; we've all been nominated as:


Favorite Vegan Athlete = Robert Cheeke


Favorite Veg Forum = www.veganbodybuilding.com


Favorite Supplement = Vega


Voting ends today:








Follow the link or go to www.vegnews.com

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