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Maybe T Boone Pickens is for real


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I thought he was mainly looking for ways to personally profit from wind and solar etc. but maybe he does care about stuff. He supports animal welfare legislation - see below:


From alert today:


Normally we limit our alerts to subjects directly affecting animals, but we are making an exception this time for two reasons: first, the subject affects the environment which indirectly affects animals; and second, the subject deals with a program being proposed by T. Boone Pickens who, along with his wife, Madeleine, has consistently supported THLN both financially and politically. In fact it was the Pickens who so generously gave THLN the challenge grant that allowed us to hire an executive director.


The program under consideration is alternative energy sources and, in particular, wind power. Mr. Pickens' plan will help the environment and help America reduce its dependence on foreign oil. You can learn more about Mr. Pickens' plan by going to his website as follows: http://push.pickensplan.com/. Please do so and sign up to support his plan. It's good for the environment, the animals and America.





Thank you for your continued support!





The Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals through legislation, education and advocacy. For more information about THLN please visit www.thln.org.

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His plan is all wrong. We should not hand over our new energy infrastructure to private companies. They cannot do it better than the government and once the initial investment is payed off they will be bilking us for what is essentially free energy for decades to come. Maintenance costs will be minimal for windfarms and can be handled by the DOE. Do we really want to trade the oil companies for the wind companies? Does America need more corporate masters?


This is all about getting the rights to the energy infrastructure while we are bogged down in war and economic turmoil. It's a fast one by a long time dirtbag.


There has also been plenty of criticism of the potential for massive bird casualties where Pickens wants to put these wind farms. While that may be a small price to pay for energy independence and may be up for debate, handing over energy independence to people like him is an absolute 100% mistake.


Furthermore, he is also trying to privatize water in this country and is invested heavily in others trying to do it around the world. The man is a snake and wants to own the world.


Oh and I'm sure while Pickens is funding his Animal Welfare charity he's probably chowing down on Filet and Stone Crab.


See the following for a bit more, including shifting to natural gas which he's also deeply invested in.



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Pickens is a farce. He wants to use the eminent domain powers of the government to take control of lands so that he can supply some area with water...also put up alternative energy. If he wants to make energy then let him and like minded people do it themselves. Dont use the government to steal from me so that idiot bureaucrats can then give the pickens to Pickens after they get their hefty cut.

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