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I am writing for family and friends a complete but simple guide to better eating based on the research that I have been doing in the past year. This is for non Vegans who just can't give up everything yet. I want to help people make smarter choices on their way to a better diet.


Please feel free to add anything that I might have left out. Remember I am trying to keep this simple












http://www.wikipedia.org (good encyclopedia that is up to date and pretty riliable)


Well first here is a link to the American Heart Association and talks about cholesterol


not very long:




the american heart association generally recommends much higher levels recommended because they know that trying to eliminate cholesterol completely would mean being Vegan. So they throw a number out there that at least people who are on the Western Diet can achive lower cholesterol.






Steps to a better diet.


Step One


- Avoid Smoking


- Avoid Trans Fat


- Trans fat is really! really! really! bad. Avoid it at all cost. Main cause of cholesterol problems.


Trans Fats are labeled in ingredients such as Partially Hydrogenated oil or

Hydrogenated oil. This is anything with hydrogenated in the ingredient. (in

spanish it is hydrogenado)


- Sodium Nitrite (cancer causer) avoid avoid avoid.


- modified or GMO (anything in the ingredient) this means genetically modified)

ex: modified corn starch


- unless it is organic avoid CANOLA, COTTON SEED, SOY, CORN


- MSG (neurotoxin) harms your nervous system. May appear in ingredients such as mono sodium glutemate, glutamate.




12 worst chemical ingredients


Propyl Gallate

BHA and BHT Butylated hydroxyanisole/butylated hydroxytoluene

Potassium Bromate (found in processed bread)

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet)



Sodium Nitrite (Sodium Nitrate)

Hydrogenated Oil

Blue 1 and Blue 2

Red 3

Yellow 6


HERE IS A LINK to the complete list





- Minimize all or almost all processed foods. If it does not rot in a week, if it has tons of unkown ingredients pretty much don't buy it.


Occasionally there are some good packaging that will keep things a bit longer. This includes fast foods.

Fast foods contain many harmful chemicals although most people would not even know what is in it.

If you have to buy by refrigerated or frozen foods. This probably means less chemicals.









- Dairy - Casein protein.

- Milk proteins - osteoperosis

- insulin like growth factor (tumors) http://www.yourhealthbase.com/database/a74f.htm




Casein has a molecular structure that is quite similar to that of gluten. Thus, most gluten-free diets are combined with casein-free diets and referred to as a gluten-free, casein-free diet. Casein may also be a trigger of migraines and other types of headaches.[citation needed] Casein may also be linked to the promotion of cancer and other diseases which was discovered in the 1980s by nutrition and health researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study.[citation needed] Casein is often listed as sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate or milk protein. These are often found in energy bars, drinks as well as packaged goods.


- Saturated Fats


- mostly comes from meat products.

The more you include of these the higher your cholesterol will be and the higher the chances of heart disease.


- Cholesterol - this is a given (ads to human cholesterol)


- Fish intake because of PCBS, Mercury and dioxins (plus all the cholesterol and Sat. Fat)


- Sodium (reduce)


- Refined sugars (white bread etc, soda , sweets)





to do daily


- Excersize


This should be the largest part of your diet


- Include more fruits and vegetables.

(More color and variety the better. dark greens being the best)

- natural whole grain foods

- legumes (beans, lentils)

- nuts and seeds (healthy fat)


- Avoid stress

minimize vegetable oils


- have strong family ties or community. Don't get lonely. Be involved.


- Work that mind don't retire empower your brain by continuing to learn.

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Yeah I showed them the book which I brought with me to almost all my family. They even wanted to know why milk was bad.

They seemed interested but they went for Icecream later that day after I told them. Some of them were skeptical about the accuracy of the study and if it was all really true. So ... most people I think it just does not even phase them. So I want to at least give them a start.

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You aren't going to get better credentials or better citations than from those books. Stapling together your own stuff will just be inferior in that regard. Wikipedia has no credibility among degreed experts. The afforementioned authors do.


There is a book by a scientist who got breast cancer and who survived by doing her own review of the literature. Her name is Dr. Jane Plant. She advises people to avoid dairy products.




She has a similar book for breast cancer.

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cool I will ad that link.


Yeah part of the issue is for example , my uncle took the China study book and browsed through it for a while. He told me that we was unsure of the validity of the book. He had to check and see what others had to say about the book. He was skeptical. I think the problem is that today anyone can write a book about anything and claim that it is true. I know Campbell show plenty of evidence and data but people will acknowledge only what they really want to hear. My Uncle said he loved cheese and It would be hard to give it up but wanted to see what the book had to say about cheese. For many it is as long as I don't know about the dangers of eating meat and dairy I will be full proof it won't affect me. It is other things that cause heart disease and cancer. Like fast food and environmental toxins not the meat or dairy... I am sure that this is how most people think.


It is also the fault of media distortion that makes people feel better about unhealthy habits.

For example on the news I saw a story that they were saying a new study shows that eating fish helps prevent Alzheimer's. Yet they neglected to remind people about the toxic chemicals, depletion of our oceans ecosystem and the effects of the cholesterol and saturated fat in fish that can lead to heart disease.


I think at least that my extended family is more aware because during the four days of my vacation no matter what I stuck to my vegan principals and I did spread the word of meat and dairy are not healthy.

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