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Video of me at jiu jitsu tournament last weekend

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This was the Dominion Grappling Championship 2. I had 8 matches in 4 categories. Second place in 3 and 3rd in one.


Here's me losing in finals of no-gi -- you may have to log in to view until someone with more skills tells me what to do or that video embed don't work.




Find more videos like this on JiuJitsuShare.com - The MySpace of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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you were too high in that half guard, and giving back A LOT, of space.. when he first pulled the half guard, you had to go all the way down, forcing your knee to the side, and when he was going to the hell hook, instead of stepping firmly in the ground, you lifted you heel, allowing the other guy to go for the heel hook...

nice job on going for the finals..

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