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What are your Favorite Dining Spots in Portland, OR?


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Just curious.


Is Blossoming Lotus still the favorite spot or are other places starting to take over?


Bye and Bye is super popular but not a "restaurant"




Proper Eats?

Blossoming Lotus?


Other favorite spots?


Are there any NEW places that are really cool too? I haven't been eating out much lately. I'm a homeboy and homebody these days

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Proper Eats is the reigning champion in my book. The service and preparation can be very slow at times and the place can get stifling hot, but the food is consistently excellent.


Blossoming Lotus is great, too. Nutshell is interesting, but now that I'm used to the simple preparations at Proper Eats, Nutshell's food sometimes seems overcooked and oily to me.


Laughing Planet is very convenient when you need some good nutrition.

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Los Gorditos taco cart.

Kalga Kafe.

Bete-Luca(?) ethiopian spot

Small world Cafe (next to veganopolis)

Various sushi spots

Indian Chaat House (cart)

Cha Cha Cha

Rocco's Pizza

Vege Thai

Blossoming Lotus I guess too, haven't been lately though.


And in the morning-

Paradox (corn cakes)

Jam (bfast scramble)


I was crazy for that vietnamese place on division/84th until the staff came over to take my order and had her gloved finger half-way up her nose... after I was raving to my date about how good the place was. Now I don't go : / The other one is too far down 82nd for me to make it a regular spot but it's good too. And no finger/nose issues that I've seen yet.

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Thanks for the feedback.


Any more tips?


More and more people are coming to visit and some are moving and I'm trying to get a top notch list of the BEST vegan places in town.


I'm away from town a lot and haven't been going out much so I don't have the best perception at the moment, though still a very good awareness of most good places.


Thanks for anymore feedback!

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For breakfast/brunch, ranked in order that I prefer:

Jam on Hawthorne

Cup and Saucer

Vita Cafe

Paradox Cafe

Wild Abandon


For lunch/dinner/drinks:

Thanh Thao Thai/Vietnamese on Hawthorne and 40th is DA BOMB... $8 entrees that will leave you with leftovers, oodles of vegan options, brown rice available, super quick service

Proper Eats

Bye and Bye

Laughing Planet

Kalga Kafe (if you like soy cheese try their soy cheese pizza!)

Wild Abandon has a decent (but expensive) vegan dish called Tofu Heaven on their dinner menu


It's a Beautiful Pizza on Belmont will make you a soy cheese pizza as well

Vincente's gourmet pizza on Hawthorne will make killer cheese-less pizza

Mash Tun Brewpub on Alberta has great vegan options

Blossoming Lotus of course is always delicious

Hoda's Middle Eastern on Belmont is good

Nicholas' Lebanese on Grand Ave. is better

The Bagdad now has several vegan options, I particularly like the curry rice bowl with tofu

The Bonfire on Stark has many delicious vegan options as well

Zach's Shack for dogs and beer, of course


I'm sure I'm missing some, but those are the ones I go to the most.

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Great list! Awesome. Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread. I have some friends coming next week and seem to have visitors all the time as well as others who randomly let me know they're coming to PDX and ask for suggestions.


Nice to have more to draw from!

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