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Rotten food smells

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What does different food smell like when it has gone bad?


Last Night I discovered what Rotten Potatoes smell like. They Smell like Shit. In fact. I thought it was Shit. Left over from the ground. I was so ed I wanted to regurgitate!


I had my mother smell it and she told me it was Rotten. I didn't believe her at first because I still thought there was Shit on it. But then she told me that that is how rotten potatoes smell like.


Still. It was nasty. And it truly smelled like Shit!

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Erm no this isn't a self-gratifying sort of topic. I want to know what various foods smell like when rotten( Or what others think those foods smell like )


Basically this is a thread for rotten food smells in general. Different smells.


And maybe there was a point to. Because I asked if others have had the same experience with potatoes and weather or not it is supposed to actually smell like that. Because if it's not then there is a high possibility that I actually ingested some poisonous fertilizer yesterday and will probably need medical attention.

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I would describe almost every rotten food as smelling incredibly sour. Sometimes very dusty/musty.


The gutters on my house were backed up for a few months and the wet decomposing slurry I had to clean out smelled like shit, but I have no clue what was in there other than leaves and maple seeds.

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