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Rainbow Raw Games in Hawaii November 20-23, 08


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I will be there:




Some others who will be there:




I'm not a raw foodist but I have been vegan for about 13 years and produced an award winning documentary that highlighted the raw food diet and raw food athletes, so the movement welcomes me to various events. I spoke at a Raw Food Retreat last year, won an award at a Raw Food Film Festival in Hollywood, CA a few months ago and last night I spoke to a large raw food group in D.C.


I'm happy to be attending and participating in some way at the Raw Olympics in Hawaii. The goal is building community, just as I do with Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness and the events I put on such as the Vegan Holiday Festival, Vegan Vacation, etc.


Check out the raw games. I know of another friend who is attending, aside from my good buddy Tonya Kay, so we have have a small forum meet-up there as well! I'll be staying for a full week.


Hope to see you in Hawaii in November!

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Robert are you aware that a Beef producer is one of the sponsors for the event. I also noticed that two alcohol companies (wineries) are as well. Will there be raw meat and alcohol served at the Rainbow Raw games?


Anyway, it does sound like fun in the sun. I hope you have a good time.


edit: I also just noticed that the produce pork, chicken, lamb, dairy, and honey.

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It wasn't really an issue. I'd like it to be an all vegan event, but it's not. It's a raw event, which isn't the same as vegan at all (not just bee pollen and honey, but meat too).


But it really wasn't an issue. I never saw any non-vegan stuff there and nearly everyone was raw vegan, aside from some. The whole event had a great vibe to it.




I should be there next year too


I gotta defend my sprinting title!

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