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Do you vote for VBF and Robert in Veg News?


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I wanted to get an idea of how many of you voted for Vegan Bodybuilding and fitness forum and Robert Cheeke in Veg News.


It's still not too late. And it only takes a couple of minutes out of your time. Robert thanks each and everyone of who has support this forum and making it grow as a family throughout these years. That is what he looks forward to mostly is people connecting and growing as one.

So this link below will take you to the survey





Please respond back to all of you who voted. Also feel free to pass this along to others.

I believe the more people you pass the survey along to.

Robert is giving away a free VB fitness t-shirt.


Thanks so much



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Thanks for replying back to this thread everyone

I know there's more of you who voted, so keep it flowing.


Vegan Essentials you got my vote for best online vegan store

I'm sure you got a lot more people from this forum who voted for you too.

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I voted. Thought it was really hard for me to pick up all the other things, since almost 90% of the names and brands were unfamiliar to me.


And yeah, if I remember correctly, I voted for Robert, VBB&F and Veganessential.


Ditto. It seemed very corporate. I use bulk whenever practical.

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