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Considering using creatine (the synthetic stuff, of course)

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I'm pretty sure it's all synthetic. That "Femme" stuff looks like a bunch of BS, especially since creatine isn't stable in water.


If you're going to try creatine, just get the common monohydrate powder and mix it into a shake/smoothie/drink for immediate consumption.

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Not a female, but I'll answer anyhoo. Creatine is mostly synthetically derived. There was an older process that had one animal byproduct, but I think it's mostly fallen by the wayside. As far as what to take, go with powder-- creatine degrades quickly in solution, so never buy a liquid creatine product. Make sure it's from a good manufacturer. 'Pharmaceutical grade' is the watchword to look for. Furthermore, if it's micronized, there's less of a chance of stomach upset. All this being said, there's definitely quality differences between brands. I once bought a 'pharmaceutical grade, micronized' creatine and it smelled weird. It gave me terrible nausea. So don't cheap out like I did. The "Creapure" trademark is a good one to look out for. It's German-made by Degussa and very good quality.

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