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Pink's Pink-Tastic journey to Pink-sexyness =P

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I'm starting a new blog. I will be more dedicated with this one then my last one. ( Feel free to delete my old Blog to make room. I no longer need it )


I'm starting off this blog by stating a very important matter. My ongoing battle with Soy. I am becoming increasingly suspicious that I indeed have a Soy Allergy.


I conducted a test last night. 6 Quarts of Chocolate Soymilk( I finished 3 last night and 2 just now ) and one Quart of Soy Vanilla Ice Cream( Which I finished last night ) and lets just say I feel like shit.


My nose will not stop running, my face feels stiff and blotchy and my head feels like the liquid has been drained from it( Probably due to a loss of fluid from the runny nose ) I've been having a sneezing fit for the last couple of hours and I had Diareah a few short hours ago( And it feels like I might have more )


I looked up Soy Allergy Symptoms and two of the Symptoms I noticed were Nasal Congestion and Diareah. Two things I experience after my Soy experience.


I'm having my mother make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for an official allergy test. I've already researched it. They apparently test Allergies either one of two ways( Or Both ) With a Skin test( Where they prick your fingers with some protein found in Soy ) or with a blood test( Not sure it it involves needles but even if it did it wouldn't matter. I love the feeling of the needle going into my skin. I just worry about weather or not the needle is clean/New or if the iodine they use on my arm is Vegan ) Just as long as nothing has to go into my mouth. I'm a little skittish about things going into my mouth.


I'll keep you further posted as these events unfold.

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Hey Pinky,

Just a thought, but 6 Quarts of Chocolate Soy milk and 1 quart of Soy Vanilla Ice cream is A LOT.

If I drink even a Quart of Chocolate Soy Milk in a short period of time, then I usually feel ill and want to throw up.

If I drink too much of anything it can upset my stomach.

It will be interesting to see what the allergy tests say, but I think Moderation could definitely play a part

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Thanks for the insights Sydney


A point I'd like to add.


sometimes I get those congestion problems even after a tiny bit of soy.


I have been eating pasta for the last week with a little bit of Tofu( Roughly half to one third of the package ) and I'd have some kind of congestion.


I'm 40 percent sure the test will come up with a Soy Allergy. The other 60 percent I'm sure it will come up Wheat or Whole Wheat Allergy( That is if they detect it while searching for the Soy Allergy that I suspect )


Either way I might as well get the official work done. Just to know for sure

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So. My mom made the appointment. October 7th is the date. Seems kind of far off though. I might as well ask her if she can take me to the emergency room. Not an emergency per-say but still October 7th seems like a long ways off.


I could just eat 4 quarts of Vegan Ice Cream and get all jacked up. Then go in and it would be an emergency

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I got a job interview. Whoo Whoo. This Saturday. And OMG the store is awesome.


AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS Whoo Whoo. I got an interview at a trendy store.


I hope I get it. Man. And you wanna know what is the most amazing part?


Well it all started last night.


I was going out to the car late at night to look for some spare change and I looked up in the sky and say the North Star. So I wished apon it( That's right. I am 24 years old and I still wish apon stars )


Well. The freaky thing was. When I finished making the wish I could have sworn I saw a shooting star streak across the sky. And this was last night. Today when I got home from driving out and making errands( Which were related to job hunting ) my mom told me that there was a message for me on the answering machine. I checked it and OMG it was a job interview. I Guess wishes do come true. Let's just hope I get the job too.

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VeganJoe. You haven't been here very long. So I don't blame you. The truth is. Not everyones Blogs on here are Fitness. This is the Online Training Journals and Blogs like you said.


I'm not sure if you're post was meant to motivate me or mock me. I perceived it as the Latter. But I could be wrong.


But it is true that not everyones Blogs here are Fitness related. Some people in fact have moe then one Blog( One for training, One for Food and one for Non-Fitness ) I don't see the point in making more then one thread. I prefer to have all of them in one thread.


My Blog is really in the beginning stages. I can't begin anything the way things are now( No job, Little Money, Little Food ) But I still do think that it is important to write down everything that has to do about fitness( That includes the events that lead up to training ) Because the truth is a lot of aspiring Bodybuilders who want to become one are in a similar rut and might not know how to get out of it. And hopefully my Blog will evnetually show those in similar positions that it is possible no matter where you come from.


And like I said. I have a job interview tomorrow. And if that goes well my Training could be starting sooner then later

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Yo, there are a few things you can do without money, depending on your goals. Especially with diet, if you want to lose fat, a lot can be achieved by lowering intake of calories and fat. Maybe you could set yourself some diet goals and log your progress on that

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Monday, July 07, 2008


Here’s what’s new in a Nutshell


I have my License, I had two Job Interviews recently( One at Rue 21 and one at Sears ) I've begun to exercise( Mostly with Bodyweight Training right now. I have a pull-up bar in my house. Soon I hope to advance to Bodybuilder when I get the means to ) I am vacationing in Burling game to visit my Cousin for the Week. Tomorrow I'm going to visit EA Games. That's where my Cousins Friend Works at. Lucky Son of a.... .


I have AOl Instant Messanger now. So if you would like to have it send me a message. .

Maybe 10 or 15 a day to start.

Motivation the key factor, come on Dr..

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Total Number of Posts in this Thread, By User:


Vegan Joe - 7

Dr Pink - 6


Congratulations, Vegan Joe. Your motivational tactics are obviously working, and great for your karma.


Thanks for the Negative karma, I knew I could count on you for help. Inspiration is your middle name? No?

Go ahead and stand on the side of lazyness. Encourage it by putting me down.

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Haven't had much of a start. But I think today is the day.


I'll be starting off with 50 crunches in the morning and 50 at night for one week( Every da but Sunday ). And After a week add 50 more. Until I get to a point where I can do 500 a day or something. Hell. Maybe even 1,000.


Also. You may have noticed I'm not around as much. My computer has a Virus and is running in safe mode. This forum is usable but hard to navigate. Everything is gigantic( Text, layout, everything ). So I won't be in as much.

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Hey Dr Pink

I notice you've made a few posts about tightening loose skin...

Here are a few things that are supposed to help, so you might as well try them

1. Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies and good fats - avocado, olive oil etc.

2. Eat a lot of brassica's - Mustard family of plants - cabbage, kale etc - They contain sulfur which is aids collegen production and therefore helps with skin elasticity.

3. Moisturise the Area with a good plant based lotion - no nasty petrochemicals

4. Exercise - Blood flood helps all skin problems.

5. Massage - no real proof that this works, but some people swear by it, even if it doesn't work it feels nice...

So eat well and treat yourself nice, and see what happens...

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Thanks Sydney . I'll incorporate all of those things into what I am doing.


As for current training. I've decided to take today off. My abs still feel a little burn from before. Plus I'm developing a welt on my ass from the sit-ups. My room is just not suited for sit-ups( There's no carpet. Only rug ).

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