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Yo dude! Just checking in. Zacks advice are great. Good, healthy, protein rich foods are often dirt cheap. Legumes and peanuts are sweet. I can probably, without lying, say that I built most of my muscles with peanut protein.

Some lentils, crushed tomatoes, carrots, onions and spices makes a real nice soup. CHEAP FOOD RULES.

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Yeah. I'm cheap. .


The Lentils can work too as more of a goop substance right? Like refried beans? I think that would be delicious. Cook up a bag, make some tortillas and Mmm Mmm. I've already got recipes going through my head.


I just hope that the Walmart here has lentils for 50 cents. Zack lives in Middle America and the prices may differ.


I won't be able to check out the selection until we actually go grocery shopping. Which seems to be a bit ways off( Maybe 3 or 4 days ).


EDIT: Thanks Robert. . Hearing that makes me want to keep this blog up and running as long as I can. Which I will.



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Thanks again for the advice Zack. Just bought Lentils the other day( Like 12 bags ). Unfortunately they were 98 cents where I live. Though still that beats the price of Pasta by a land slide( And is like double protein and equal calories ).


I already have an ingredient idea on how to use them. Won't say it here. It's a recepie that deserves it's own topic. .


As you all may have noticed I'm slipping just a fair bit on my routine. Lifes been pretty crazy lately. I might be moving out soon. Until I get my life organized my routine will never become as good as some of you peoples. Though I'm working on it and soon I'll be able to rumble with the best of ya's.

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